Saturday 12 January 2013

Favourite Jewellery AW12/13




Dress from ASOS
Leather sleeve blazer from River Island
Boots from ASOS (similar)
Beaded pearl necklace from Topshop
Watch from ASOS
Pyramid bracelet from Topshop
Turquoise cross bracelet from the Bohemian Collective 
Silver bracelet from Topshop (part of a set)
Arty ring from YSL

A few months ago I treated myself to a little something... I've wanted an Yves Saint Laurent Arty ring for a really long time now and after making a penny or two from selling stuff on eBay I knew it was the right time to make a purchase. The colour choice was easy, I adore anything turquoise so off I popped to the YSL store on Bond Street and viola this baby was finally mine. I love how well the colour goes with my cross bracelet and I've really been enjoying layering the chunky jewellery at the moment. This rose gold watch was only £25 from ASOS and I think it looks really similar to the Michael Kors numbers out there. I've actually had my eye on this silver Michael Kors watch for a little while now but I'm not quite ready to drop the bucks, hopefully a 20% voucher will pop up on ASOS soon... The amazing necklace was another terrific find. I first saw it in the sale for £20 reduced from £40 which I wasn't too keen to pay but then a week or so later I noticed it had been reduced again to £10 so I snapped it up. It's perfect for adding some detailing to an otherwise boring top or dress, plus it goes all the way around so it's the perfect collar but not quite a collar accessory. I'm really getting into jewellery at the minute and finding it a lot more enjoyable to accessorise, I think Elodie may be an influence.

What's you favourite of jewellery x

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  1. I love absolutely everything about this outfit! x

  2. I love your necklace, it looks amazing with an all black outfit. x

  3. Adore this outfit Hannah! Can't wait to see your bag soon!

  4. love all of your new items, that necklace was such a good sale buy. I picked up a McQ bracelet in the sale recently which I love and I don't stop wearing my spike necklace I got on ebay for about £1.50 x

  5. The watch is really beautiful. Great new items!

  6. Oh I envy your YSL ring, it's gorgeous! xoxo

  7. You look lovely! That watch is amazing and I loooove that River Island blazer! xx

  8. I like your bracelet and ring it's so amazing and you looks so awesome with beautiful jewelry.
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