Tuesday 31 January 2012


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Jumper from American Apparael
Denim shirt, necklace and boots from Topshop
Dress from H&M
Hat and tights from ASOS

Wore this on Sunday to chill in Brixton with my friend S. Ended up changing shoes before I went out, couldn't bare heels twice in 2 days so wore my creeper brogues instead. Love these tights, but they aren't the best for the cold weather at the minute. I bought myself this statement necklace on Saturday after being inspired by Jen and all her lovely jewellery, it really makes a plain jumper stand out.

Went to the ZOMG Bloggers Bash last night which was a lot of fun. I really enjoy hanging out with my favourite blogger gals and it's made me really excited for the London Lunch now as even more people I know will be there. I'm going to the Wolf and Badger event in Notting Hill on Thursday evening, is anyone else is going along?
Have you been up to anything exciting lately x

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  1. Spot are always a hit, I've been wearing some spotty tights myself today.

    X x

  2. Oh Hannah I love this outfit on you especially the tights! Can't wait to have another catch up at LDN Lunch! Not long now!

  3. I love these tights! Your necklace is amazing too. Hopefully see you on Thursday night and very excited for LDN Lunch! x

  4. I love the tights, you look so good!
    It was lovely to meet you last night! xx

  5. These tights are the best!


  6. What a cute outfit! I love all the contrasts

  7. Definitely a hit with the tights!

  8. very cute outfit! I love the tights and the adorable skirt!



  9. Polka-dot tights are excellent - I end up wearing mine with pretty much everything! What I really love though is the skirt - the sheer layers are great.

    The ZOMG Bloggers Bash sounds like great fun - I'm glad you had a good time! x

  10. I love your outfit! Just found your blog on the LDN lunch list - I'm going! Also, weirdly, I live near to Brixton!

    1. Awesome, looking forward to meeting you there Emily. It's going to be so muh fun! When bloggers get togethers there's always plenty of Lolz :)

  11. I LOVE these tights, I have some that are VERY similar which I need to wear soon!

    Maria xxx

  12. I love this outfit! The skirt is amazing. I also love Jen's jewelry collection xx

  13. Such a lovely outfit, i adore those tights! But you're right, they don't seem like they're made for cold weather. Oh well, you look gorgeous so that's what counts haha!
    Seems like you had a really good time with your blogger friends^^

  14. So pretty!! The necklace is amazzzzing!

    ox from NYC!


  15. This skirt, these tights and shoes ARE AMAZING together!

    I missed out of the blogger bash, I've never even been to ANYTHING like it! xx

  16. At least the shoes pair well. Though convenience really beats out the footwear vanity.

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