Wednesday 27 April 2011

Copycat - The peter pan collar dress

My first copy cat post proved to be a little popular so I'm happy to present item number 2, the peter pan collar dress from ASOS. I almost nearly didn't get this post done in time for the end of the month but after some hard work I found 5 bloggers (including myself) who were wearing this popular dress. I thought there were actually more than 5 of us with the dress so If I've overlooked you please let me know =)

Me, Dee, Fraulein, Kristabel and Lily

So how do you think us catz have done this time? I do like the whole Wednesday Adams vibe from the dress and it's perfect for jazzing up with bright tights and accessories. The dress is now sold out but I'm sure there are more alternatives all over the high street plus you can find them in a ton of different colour combinations. I think I like Kristabel's look the best, those red tights and chunky boots look so cool!

I'm hoping my copy cat item for next month will be something a little more summery x

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  1. I love peter pan collars but have never found one that suits me :( They have become a bloggers staple though :)

    Maria xxx

  2. ignore the last post haha (if you automatically got emailed it!), i was looking at kristabel, thinking knitting...brain...melting!!!

    I think this is a great idea anyway, cool feature! and i think the stylish heart has one similar!

    apologies for the shameless plug here, but i sell detachable collars here ! jazz up any dress! if you fancy one, gimmie a shout and I can give you a cheeky blogger discount!

    annah xx

  3. Peter Pans just don't seem to suit me at all which is annoying. All looking great here though, Kristabel's tights work really well x

  4. I love it how people can style outfits so differently - great post! XX

  5. I love how well the white collar looks on the black dress. You're all wearing it so well.

  6. Fantastic dress, I bought one from new look in navy but the fit was really odd on me, you all wear it so well and I agree the pop of red really does add something to that outfit!

  7. Kristabel has styled it so well, love the red tights with it x

  8. Ah thanks for featuring me! I love getting new ideas on how to wear this dress, it's just so easy to chuck on! The fishnets give it a cool edge and I love how you smartened it up with the blazer, might have to try this!

  9. It is all about the red tights! I have a similar dress which is a kind of nude colour with a leopard print collar, love it!

  10. i really love these posts!i love all of these outfits. love the bright tights xx

  11. This is a great idea, it's so interesting seeing the different ways people wear one dress. Thanks for introducing me to some new blogs too! xx

  12. Can't beat a good peter pan collar!

    Really suits you as well, this dress looks so lovely on all of the bloggers you picked out!

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my outfit post the other day. The Furla bag in pink is also pretty fab indeed!


    lipstick and balloons

  13. I love how everyone has styled it differently! x

  14. This is cool. You see some pieces very often worn by a lot of people... so cool!


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  15. omg!! thank you for including me!
    thats an honor! thank you so much!


  16. this is a great feature, I love the dress and the way everyone's styled it.

  17. You all look ace in the dress, not surprised it's sold out! x x x


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