Thursday 28 April 2011

A Royal Wedding

The lovely Sarah has invited myself and a few other bloggers along to the wedding of her friends Kate and Will tomorrow. I've been in a panic for ages about what to wear but fortunately Daddy let me loose with the credit card so now I'm sorted. Here's what I'll be wearing to toast the happy couple complete with a little patriotism...

Royal Wedding
Valentino ruffle dress
$5,590 -
Christian Louboutin high heel pumps
$3,295 -
Alexander McQueen studded handbag
$1,495 -
Victoria beckham sunglass
$470 -

For a wedding of this calibre a bit of luxury is definitely on the cards, even if it is totally OTT! Every fashion savy girl needs a pair of Swarovski crystal embedded heels in their life and if I'm to catch the eye of best man Harry then I need something a little show stopping.

Now I understand that not everyone can afford a £11,000 outfit so for all you paupers out there do your gypsy self proud with this not-so-chic wedding party outfit.

Gypsy Chic
TopShop mesh dress
$330 -
TopShop platform sandal
$130 -
TopShop purple bag
$60 -
No gypsy outfit is complete without a few ruffles and opulence plus the addition of a stupid head piece is a must. This dress is sure to get the attention of an elderly Prince and your very own crown jewels.

Here is a list of the other lucky attendees:

Will you be attending the celebrations x


  1. Haha I'm loooooving the patriotic clutch bag! Wonderful x

  2. Love your choices! That Alexander Mcqueen clutch is amazing!
    Hope you have a lovely time at the wedding ;)

  3. Oh £11,000 is pocket merely money to me darling! haha. Fantastic choice of clutch bag though I must say! I shall be there waving the love birds on... through the telly!


  4. hahaa, i love your take on the gypsy wedding - though i have to admit the more i look at that dress, the more i actually like it! hehe, i've loved looking through all these wedding posts :D x

  5. have a fab bloggers meet up/wedding party. Sound like good fun :)

  6. Haha it's nice to dream isn't it? I will be at home, slumming it probably hahaaha, if only I had a posh frock!

  7. Haha, I do have to say those louboutini's are AMAZING! :) xx

  8. I swear to god hannah i spent atleast two hours looking at bits and pieces yesterday thinking 'Hannah will def love this!' haha

    If Daddy knows best he should def wack out the credit card! We can both look chic in our VB shades ;) i'll bloody need them with those beaut of a sparkler pair of heels!!

    I adore the Toppers dress, right up your street, alongside the fascinator too!

    LOL @ crown jewels!

    thank you for taking part lovely :) xxxxxxx

  9. hahahaha i loved the snobish humor of this post! i actually prefer the "not so chic" gypsy outift! =)

  10. oohh, the valentino dress is stunning! hope you enjoyed wearing it :-)

  11. what a fun day! that clutch is beeeeautiful xx

  12. I love that designer dress, it would be so flattering! :)


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