Saturday 1 January 2011

So this is 2011

Happy New Year chums, hope your beginning of 2011 is hangover free and peaceful like mine. After my trip to Leeds was cancelled due to tooth / wanting to kill myself in agony mishaps I enjoyed a quiet night in with G and K welcoming the new year in with episodes of Benidorm, prosecco at midnight and television fireworks (weren't they amazing)! I spent last year in a drunken haze at my local not even remembering the count down and falling home at 1am so this time round it was a much different and somewhat more enjoyable experience.

Despite not going anywhere I still decided to dress up for the occasion in an outfit made of entirely new clothes.

Dress from ASOS
Cardigan from H&M
Tights from American Apparel

I got the dress and tights with my Christmas money and the cardigan was a present from my sister S, it is covered in tiny white bobbles and is the perfect length for teaming with dresses. I love the American Apparel two-tone tights. When I bought these it was 20% off everything for the day which is a pretty sweet deal since that shop tends to be a little over priced in my opinion. These tights go with my collection of white-black and pink-purple, there is only one pair left to go (pink-orange) but I'm not sure I'll get them since orange isn't really my colour. The dress was in the ASOS sale and was a wonderful bargain. It's from the petite section so I was a little apprehensive about the length since I've never bought anything petite before. I am 5foot 5inches so I consider myself 'average' height even though I like to buy short leg jeans, however the length on this is perfect and I do wonder if not a little long for actual short people. Anyway I teamed it with my new leopard print faux fur coat which was a Christmas present from Mum. I adore it!

Coat from H&M

Credit to this outfit must honestly be given to my friend Milly who wore an almost identical outfit earlier this month. Milly and I have a very similar sense of style on occasion and own loads of the same clothes, it's really fun to see how we wear them differently and discover what new things we both have bought. Her blog is a delight to read but I wish she updated it more often =)

My hair is pretty ridiculous at the moment, I need the roots done ASAP and some sort of style cut into it too. I've spent so much of my Christmas money already so I'm a bit too cheap to fork out 60ish quid on the hairdressers but seeing as I spent less this NYE than originally planned perhaps I can justify it now.

Today I went to a friends house warming / new years day party which was lovely. My tooth is feeling a little better now so the thought of venturing out of my bed isn't too hideous but it'll take a few days yet to feel completely back to normal.

I have until Monday to get rid (read: eat) all the Christmas / New Years junk that is cluttering up the kitchen before the BODY resolution starts on Monday. As far as the BLOG resolution goes I've been commenting my heart out and taking lots of photos. The JOB search will start as soon as my tooth is better...

Happy New Years one and all, have a great 2011 x


  1. Sounds like you managed to have a good NYE despite last minute change of plans! Happy new year :) x

  2. I love your coat so much !!
    And the fact its from h&m is great because i love h&m!
    Happy new year. i would love for you to check my blog and maybe follow if you like it

  3. omg love the american apparel tights :D might pick some up myself and fabulouss coat :D happy new year!:D

  4. I really love the ASOS purchases! The collar on that dress is the cutest! Love the coat too! So striking! Off to peruse the rest of your posts since I've not really gone through the ones of your travels yet!!!

    Happy new year!! :)


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