Sunday 2 January 2011

Sweet disposition

One thing I love about this time of year is being able to wear chunky winter coats, I have quite a collection building, all different styles and colours. Yesterday I went to a house warming / New Years Day party and decided to wear this little beauty.

Coat from Topshop
Jumper dress from a random shop in Derby

I bought this coat just before I went travelling in September, naughty I know but I love it so much! It's the leopard print collar that does it for me plus I didn't have a vibrant green coat and you can never have too many coats =)

I love the androgynous shape too, but one thing that annoys me a little is the lack of pockets. It has these flaps where one would expect to find pockets however there are no pockets to be found. Coats definitely need pockets so tut tut Topshop for this terrible design mistake!

I love this dress so much! It has a massive glitter ball cat thing on the front and is very festive in my opinion. I only ever wear it at this time of the year (for obvious reasons) and it's surprisingly warm and extremely comfortable. I think I look slight deranged in these photos, but that's because I've been unwell and am clearly not very photogenic lolz!

This isn't actually a resolution of sorts but I've discovered I have so many rings which I never wear so I'm going to try and make an effort to actually use them. I like to try and take picture in my own unique way but after many different attempt of taking photos of rings the fist shot really does seem to be the best way to display them... oh well!

Rings from Topshop and Accessorize

I think the rings are from here but I'm not 100% sure since they're fairly old. I think the colours go well with the dress, especially the big shiny sliver heart ring and the glitter ball cat. I think it's always nice to add a bit of glitter to outfits at this time of year, or any night out for that matter!

What do you guys enjoy wearing at this time of year and what resolutions have you made?

Glitter, spice and all things nice, yes please x


  1. i love that coat! and that dress is very sparkly, just right though. my biggest resolution is just to work my socks off on my dissertation, and dont let anyone else pester me, i might as well have Doormat stamped on my forehead :P


  2. i love your coat, little splash of leopard is gorgeous! i know what you mean about pockets lady! ugh i just need pockets as well xxx

  3. Wow, the coat is gorgeous! Love it!

    Stacey xx

  4. That's the perfect NYE dress. I love cosy wintercoats, too. They do make an outfit!

    Happy New Year to you, Hannah!

  5. Wish I could pull off a bright green & leopard print coat! Jealous :)

    Coincidentally, I also have that Accessorize ring - but I bought mine today! How weird is that!?

  6. Hey,

    Glad you're enjoying the blogging too - i see you're also a south London gal, i'm down Balham way!

    Fab dress tho - know exactly what you mean about pockets. I've got to the point now where i MUST have pockets in all dresses and skirts, weird, i used to be totally fine without them! x

  7. I love the coat- I was reading an article with Nicola from Girls Aloud and they were talking about the coat she wore to the interview and from the description I think it's the one you've got on here. Love the sequinned cat top too. Thanks for your comments, they're always so lovely and make me smile :)

  8. I love the collar detail on your coat!


  9. ooooh at first i was gonna say i love your coat amd then i got distracted by your to! love it xxx

  10. have you tried picking the seams under the flaps? sometimes places sew up pockets before they sell them so they stay in shape in store! it is very annoying though having to unsew them.


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