Friday 31 December 2010

Happy New Year

So it's the last day of 2010 and there's no better time to reflect on the last 12 months than the present.

1. Last January I was taking my first lot of exams for my MSc and whilst I didn't get the best results ever and was constantly stressing that I would fail the course I managed to come out with a Merit overall in September and a Distinction in my dissertation which I couldn't have been more happy about.

2. I started my blog in May due to a massive revision avoiding exercise and have been addicted to blogging ever since. I've met some lovely people in real life and through the likes of twitter because of it and I'm looking forward to many more years of improving my style, meeting more people and generally having fun as I write about my life and loves.

3. The big thing that happened for me this year was going travelling across SE Asia in the autumn time after I finished my MSc. The 2.5months I was away were some of the most exciting times I've ever had and I saw and learnt so much about the world. I feel really blessed to have gone on such an adventure and I know I definitely want to do more travelling as soon as I save up the money again.

4. Over the last year The Boy and I have really struggled living so far apart (London - Leeds) but since I got back from Asia we're making more of an effort to visit each other on a regular basis which is really making us both happy. Having a long distance relationship is really difficult especially since we lived 5minutes from each other during the first year and a half of out relationship. But like all the good things in life, you have to work to get them good and because I'm not studying 24/7 any more it'll be much easier to visit each other thus keeping up the goodness.

5. Since I am now living at home properly for the first time in over 5 years all my stuff is in one place and it's ridiculous. Since going to uni I have accumulated so many clothes and other randomness. I've slowly been going through my 3 wardrobes, chest of drawers and numerous boxes getting rid of clothes I know longer wear and donating them to the local charity shops. I've never been fond of selling things on eBay because I believe donating old stuff to the less fortuante is a much better cause.

6. Finally, since moving back to London I've started to really appreciate the city I was raised in and am taking more interest in discovering all the delights it has to offer. This includes the many galleries, museums, music venues and alike that are scattered all over the place. London has so much to offer and I am here, with arms spread, ready to discover everything about it!

As well as reflections there is the little case of resolutions too and I have 3 important ones to share.

1. As usual I want become more active and loose some weight. I say this every year and usually fail but since I am no longer a student drinking cider down the pub every lunch time there should be no better time to start than now. I also want to take up some exercise to increase my fitness. When I was living in Derby I started running and swimming on a regular basis but somehow I fell out of routine. I'd really like to run the Race for Life this year so come January I'm going to make a 100% effort to get off my lazy bum and go for a jog.

2. I really want to improve my blog. This means trying to blog 5 times a week, commenting more and making the content as interesting and relevant to my life as possible. In the process I want to learn more about HTML, editing photos and general photography. I am very foruante that my parent's business is in the photography sector and since working in their shop over Christmas I have already learnt a few bits and bobs about photoshop. One day I'd like a SLR camera and know how to use it properly.

3. Finally, I need to find a job / PhD since I am currently unemployed. Most importantly I want a job that I enjoy doing, that challenges me and that will take me places. Before I started my MSc I was working in a chemistry lab that wasn't very inspiring or challenging. This time around I want something that I'll be happy to stay in for years to come. Ideally I want to stay in London for a few more years but if not I'm willing to look for job nearly ANYWHERE! Maybe I'll even find one closer to The Boy up in Leeds.

Excuse the wordy nature of this post, I've been feeling really poorly these last few days due to a massive tooth infection that is sending me round the bend. I've been bed ridden in agony so have had no exciting outfit posts to do. I was meant to go to Leeds today to spend the weekend with The Boy but I am still at home suffering so I'll be spending my evening watching DVDs with G, eating soft food and having a single cider at midnight so as not to interfere with my antibiotics. Not the best of ways to start a new decade but what can I do? I do have a new dress I might put on for the occasion but my Green Day pjs are looking way more appealing right now so who knows.

So without further ado, have a great New Years Eve everyone and all the best for 2011!

Cheers x


  1. I really enjoyed reading that post, seems like you've had such a fab year! All the best for 2011 and i hope your tooth ache goes soon, it really is a horrible thing to have :(

    Stacey xx

  2. I really enjoyed reading this post too, i missed your posts! (and of course - the bows) xxxx

  3. happy new year to you lady! looks like you have had such an adventure this year. i hope 2011 is just as memorable for you xx

  4. odd question, how od are you?

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