Monday 9 August 2010

A Wicked weekend

I've had a super busy weekend dashing around London with A. We've shopped are socks off, seen areas of London I didn't know existed and been blown away but 2 little witches...

Saturday was spent examining every clothes rail in H&M High Street Ken where I think I actually exhausted myself from shopping since I didn't buy anything in all the other shops we went to. In H&M I got a few tunics, an amazing pair of white wedges, a little black skirt and a fantastic woolly cardigan covered in horses which will be part of my animal collection for winter this year. Animals are going to be huge for AW10 so I'm keeping my eye out for animal hats, more animal print cardigans, a faux fur leopard print coat and maybe a few animal emblazoned tops. Kind of mental I known but I love it!

After High Street Ken, we dashed over to an empty Spitafields Market, had lunch in S&M (which was yummy by the way) and quickly checked out a vintage sale on Brick Lane. By that time we had to rush all the way back home to get ready for our night on the town.

So.... that evening we went to see Wicked at the Victoria Apollo and by jeez was it a good show!

We had pretty good seats and could see everything without any difficulty, the songs were completely fabulous and the stage and set was incredible. I love going to musicals, I've seen so many, from the Lion King to Phantom of the Opera (my favourite) and this was definitely one of the best! There was plenty of Wizard of Oz related comedy and romance without being corny and the talent of the cast was phenomenal, we had an incredible time!

Jacket and tights from River Island
Dress and lace top (underneath) from Topshop
Wedges and bag from H&M

I wish I had taken a close up of my wedges because they are fab! If you are a regular reader you will know I LOVE wedges and these are no exception. They aren't too high so no sore feet after an evening of dancing and at only £20 they are completely bargainous. I've been on the look out for a white pair for ages and these ticked all the boxes so I'm very happy with my find =) I also love the blue on blue, I haven't worn tights for ages because it's so warm these days but when I do I like to jazz it up a little bit with random colour coordination.

After the show we headed up to Camden to party at Koko's invite only Button Down Disco which was tremendous fun. I haven't been to Koko for years and never to the Button Down Disco so it was a really exciting night. I've you've never been before Koko it's in an old theatre so there are loads of different floors, with hidden bars all over the place. It's huge and the entire bottom floor is a heaving dance floor!! The music was terrific, a perfect mix of indie and pop but as always the drinks were pricey.

Once we left the club at 2am the real adventure began... I thought we were getting on a bus heading towards Trafalgar Square but instead it ended up in Wood Green. Wood Green, where the heck is that you ask? Well it's North East London and completely the opposite end to my South West home address. Despite our epic fail and not knowing where on earth we were we caught the proper bus in the opposite direction which did indeed take us to Trafalgar Square... eventually! After a 4am Chinese in China Town, which is starting to become a little habit of mine were eventually got home at 5.30! Seeing as we left he club 3.5hours earlier this was not cool but we laughed about it nevertheless and slept until noon.

We spent most of Sunday asleep but did mange a trip to Topshop on Oxford Street before A had to head home. I was very tempted to buy a massive hairband bow in the sale for a mere £3 but I resisted for fear of looking like a complete and utter fool if I ever wore it!! I did get some spotty tights, plenty of makeup including lipsticks in Vintage and Brighton Rocks and eye liners in Cosmic and Midnight and some brilliant ducky earrings.

I was a bit miffed that Topshop had sold out of their cheek n lip stain and the gold eyeliner from the Amazon collection but a wee bird told me they were possibly getting some in for the new collection coming in September time so yey =)

My "I'm so tired I can barely move' outfit consisted of a clashing prints and my beloved trainers.

Tee from River Island
Shorts from H! by Henry Holland
Shoes from Cath Kidston
Socks from Topshop

I love these shoes so much! They are my second pair because the first fell apart after melting on the hot streets of Rome last summer when I was inter railing. I was so distraught I had to throw them away but considering they were less than £20 buying a second pair was no hard decision!

So that was my busy, exciting weekend! I hope yours were equally as eventful and if you ever want to see a London show I highly recommend Wicked.

13 days and counting until I hand my dissertation in x


  1. sounds like a fab weekend!
    glad you had fun, im craving a shopping trip-reading about your bargains has calmed me down a bit, haha :)

  2. That sounds like an amazing & busy weekend!

    I'm heading up to London on Thursday (just for the day) & I really fancy checking out Spitalfields & Brick Lane - are they easy to find!?

    I'm definitely going to have to find time to see Wicked at some point in my life - I've been hearing good things about it for a long time now, it's definitely being upgraded to my 'must-see' list!

    Love your duck earrings - so cute :)

  3. Spitafields Market is a 5min walk from Liverpool Street Station but be sure to write down directions cos its a very large area. Brick Lane is a further 5mins from Spitafields, you literally walk in a straight line over a main road and down an little road and viola you end up in the middle of Brick Lane. Aldgate East is another tube stop right at one end of Brick Lane so everywhere is easy enough to get to (if you know where you're going)!

  4. Love that you're collecting animals this winter ;-)

    Can't believe you ended up in Wood Green too, that is insane.

    Cute trainers my love xx

  5. Im SO jealous! I want to see Wicked so bad! My BFF went a few weeks ago and said it was amazing! xx

  6. Im SO jealous! I want to see Wicked so bad! My BFF went a few weeks ago and said it was amazing! xx


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