Friday 6 August 2010


It's the weekend, happy day! My friend A is coming to visit and tomorrow we're heading to the West End to see Wicked! I'm so excited, especially since I haven't seen her in forever. She is my flatmate from first year uni in Derby and lives just outside Sheffield and since we finished in 2008 I don't see her often.

Anyway, today I normally to my Bowspirations but this week it's been a little disappointing on that front. I've seen a few bow treats across the blogosphere but nothing to rival my last 2 entries. However, I do have a couple things to present that I've spied in the last few days.

Yesterday Susie Bubble did a crazy colour post about how she styled up shoes created from a Doc Martin and Sanrio collaboration. Now, I am a SUPER FAN of Sanrio, the people who bought us Hello Kitty and a life time of girly fun that I still don't tire off at the grand old age of 23!!! I think Sanrio and Cath Kidston should do a collaboration, imagine the colours and patterns... music to my eyes!!!! I'm a big fan of Doc Martin too, I only have one pair and they are bright pink and were a bitch to wear in. I often wish I had bought a classic black pair but too late now. The pink are crazy but nowhere near as versatile as the black. Hey ho, I'll buy a black second hand pair at some stage in my life and maybe a floral pair too. Second hand so I wont have to wear them in, haha! But I digress... the collection is mix of the tough Doc Martin shape shoe style but with quirky features including BOWS in pretty lovely colours.

The reason they have done this collaboration is because both companies are turning 50 and what better way to celebrate than making shoes, shoes and more shoes =)

When it comes to deciding which pair is my favourite I find it difficult to choose. Whilst I'm drawn to the little white ones with red bows I also LOVE the cartoon character ones as well.

Of course I love how Susie has style up the shoes, her eclectic and colourful wardrobe really is something to envy plus she probably gets to keep these beauties. In reality they are little bit above my reach which is a shame because the boots really are gorgeous, fun and represent two wonderful companies.

I've also spied this Wolf & Badger dress on quite a few blogs this week as well but at just under £500 it really is above and beyond which is a pity because it would look so great on this blog worn by me hahahaha!!!

On a completely different note I picked up this tent dress and brogue type shoes from Topshop today. I think the shoes need wearing in a little bit but considering both were in the sale it's a good purchase.

I get really paranoid about having clown feet. I often want to wear my converse with dresses but it just looks ridiculous. Maybe I'm over thinking it but I really do love these shoes and the cute little buckles adds a really vintage details I think so the world will just have to put up with my big feet!!!

Have you guys got exciting weekend plans? Apart from Wicked I think I'll take A to the markets on Brick Lane, Spitafields and Camden plus I really want to visit H&M.

I hope the sun comes out x


  1. i have my eye on that topshop dress too, you look lovely in it!

  2. a shoe post, awesome! really like the mary jane dms with the bows, pretty :)) if only i still worked at schuh would certainly have sorted you out with muchos discount for a new black pair! xxx

  3. Love the brogues, and your feet really don't look big!

    Please take a look at my brand new blog, Fashion Stereotype, thank you!

  4. Matey, DIY that bow dress! LBD from Primark, about 5 metres of white ribbon, a needle and thread and a film to watch and you're there! Would love to see you have a go.

  5. You known, that's a good idea! I might try ie buy the stuff and get my Mum to do it haha!! I'm excited now!!

  6. The DM's are incredible... i love their kitsch-y cuteness !



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