Wednesday 4 August 2010


Have you noticed my new header? It's good isn't it? I am completely computer retarded, all I use my MacBook for is interneting, writing / working, playing music and storing photos. I have no idea how to use Photoshop, html or any of that other computer / interent jazzy technology, hence the name of this post. It's not that I refuse or don't want to learn how to do these things it's just I've never needed to use them in the past but since I started this blog in May I am slowly learning. The header is pretty simple really but it still took me ages to make. I had no idea how to add letters to an existing photo, so after hours of searching through my applications for a tool I ended up downloading a 30 day free trail version of Photoshop (it still took me an hour or so to add the words once I had that sorted)!

Considering my parents have their own photographic business complete with studio I am also pretty dumb at photography (you can probably tell from the quality of my pictures), I just point and click using the automatic function haha but I am going to make an effort to improve and better myself in the world of media technology (or whatever you call it).

So the point of this post was to inform you that I made a 'page' on facebook that you can like and thus help promote the old blog here. Making this page prompted me to make a proper header so I could use it as a picture and viola the technology journey begins...

I'm going to be pretty honest with you guys here, my masters dissertation is due in on Monday 23rd August and since I have a distinct lack of writing at the minute I am going to be super busy writing about the joys of drug addiction, vasopressin and mice brains until then. I am going to try my best to post (short and sweet is likely to be the theme) but don't expect any wonders on the fashion front lol I look a mess right now!

Unless you follow me on twitter you probably don't realise I have another blog on Tumblr. It's completely ridiculous and by no means intelligent. I fill it with pictures of things I love (mainly men...) and other random things I see. It's been lacking recently but since it only take 47 seconds to post anything I will add more stuff to it.

Wow, that's an awful lot of writing! Here's some pictures of me jazzing up (slightly) a plain boring maxi dress.

Maxi dress from Primark
Crop top from Topshop

A simple lacy tee does a lot to make this simple dress a little more interesting. This outfit probably cost under £20 which isn't too bad considering how much material is involved. I do like a maxi sometimes but it can be hard to find a flattering one so I think this solves the problem. The top add definition and detail making the all black dress un-sack like =)

My Mum got me this cute Hello Kitty hair band from Boots, bless! She knows me well =) I think my hair needs some TLC though.

One of the things I'm looking forward to when I finish my masters and move back to London is not having to take photos in my horrible uni bedroom. I don't want to take any outside here because a. I don't have a tripod and b. I don't want to look like an idiot taking photos of myself!! My garden at home is much prettier and my Mum is a more skilled photographer than the self timer function...

Best dash and get on with my work now x


  1. lol i love your posts.

    i havent been debating to buy a lace crop top and it never occured to me to put it with a maxi - good idea! :)

    fyi my dads a graphic designer and i own the book Indesign for Dummies :) xxx

  2. Haha my boyfriend jokes about getting me books like that. I can actually get photoshop for free from my parents business, I had it once but never used it and now I don't have a clue, there are far too many buttons and options!!!

  3. Love the lace top over the dress, my love.


    p.s- the new header looks great ;-)

  4. I LOVE your new header! And that maxi is gorgeous!


  5. Ha, great post! So lovely of you to put the effort into making your cute header.
    Really love how you jazzed up the maxi too!
    Good luck with the dissertation, mine is looming too :/
    Thanks for your comment on my blog :) xx

  6. i adore your lace crop top, it really does add something special to your maxi dress.

    thank-you for such a lovely comment, and sorry for taking so long to reply :) i hope you find a h! cardi, it's absolutely lovely. i'm on the lookout for another one because i just love it so much, plus it's always good to have a spare.



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