Monday 2 August 2010

Lets Get Ready to Jumble?

Yesterday I hiked across to East London with my owl loving friend G to do a bit of jumbling. I had heard about the Lets Get Ready to Jumble Sale through the lovely bloggers Amy at Wolf Whistle and Ellie at Pretty Much Penniless. Since I haven't done this type of shopping in such a long time it was the perfect excuse to pick up some cheap treats and meet some lovely ladies.

It took an hour to get there but the journey was definitely worth it. The bar was full of beautiful vintage (and non vintage) clothing, shoes in size 7 galore, yummy eats and amazingly crafted jewellery. There was an abundance of trashy novels, stunning dresses and wonderfully dressed people, all in all a perfect Sunday retreat =)

Me being the cheap skate I am decided I wouldn't pay more than £10 for anything, this figured to be extremely easy and I even bargained down at £12 bag to a tenner, my most expensive buy.

So, what did I get you all must be asking yourselves? Well.... I got a lovely bow and floral dress from Amy and Ellie for a grand total of £4! A cream bag and a pair of pink suede gloves from another stall which I can't remember the name of but the lady is sending me a facebook invite to her group.... and a pair of brown Hush Puppy heels for £7 from someone else. All fantastic purchases and they all seem to go together (I think so anyway)!! I also bought some yummy home made chocolate fudge and a really expensive bottle of cider from the bar =(

Lace jacket from H&M

My Mum grows a lot of vegetable in our garden and those massive leafs on the right are rhubarb. They are seriously huge!

Socks from Topshop

The bow is fantastically versatile, it can be slipped through a skinny belt (which is what I have done), be pinned as a brooch or even attached in your hair. I love the cute little pattern made up of even more tiny bows, so cute!

The shoes are incredibly comfy and the bag is the perfect size for holding everything in and still looking lady like. How adorable are the gloves too? Come the colder months they will be perfect and look so old fashioned (in a good way) against pretty dresses and posh bags =)

All in all I spent £27 including £5 for the gloves and £1 for the chocolate fudge (I'm not including the cider... obviously)!! Considering how much I bought I feel fantastic and definitely want to find more shopping events like this.

I wore these wonderful biscuit brooches to the jumble and picked up a load of compliments. Haha but seriously they look amazingly real! They are from Homemade and probably one of my all time favourite brooches. I always have to wear them together and whilst some might think it's biscuit overload I think its amazing...

Yesterday evening was spent having a BBQ and a surprise early birthday party for my little sister H who arrived home from a month in Borneo on Saturday and who turns 17 on the 10th. We ate lots of good food, drank pimms and finished the evening watching Sherlock. It's a great show!

On Saturday evening (working in reverse here today) I went to see the play Wonderland at the Riverside Studios in Hammersmith. It was about Lewis Carroll and the first actress who ever played Alice. There were plenty of amusing songs and magic tricks, however even these perks could not disguise the weirdness of the play!

I'm back in Guildford now which I find kind of depressing but I'll be finished uni in less than a month a will be living back in London full time so yeah =)

Hope you all had a great weekend x


  1. your brooches are gorgeous!
    i think i am going to have to buy one
    i really like your bow too xxxx

  2. it's lewis carroll aka charles dodgson gx

  3. I love your outfit! The dress is so pretty!

  4. Sounds like a very successful shopping trip!

  5. I love the bow belt!! Looks great, the dress is so pretty too.

  6. Thanks everyone, the dress is actually from Primark but I have no idea how old it is xx

  7. Love the outfit!! You look cute!



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