Tuesday 10 August 2010

Bag Lady

We all like to have a nosy and I am no exception so I'm giving you the chance to be nosy and see what I lug around with me everyday in my bag.

This is my all time favourite bag! I picked it up from a Cath Kidston sale around 5 years ago (I think) for less than £30 (I think...)! Unfortuantly one of the straps has now broken and I'm confident I'll never find it on eBay =( I might try to fix it but it doesn't look hopeful as the entire bag is made from olicloth and it isn't easy to sew. You can see the strap on this side is already fraying. When I carried this bag around, which was most of the time really, I got so many compliments about it, from women and even a man once!! I love love love it too bits and was distraught the day I could no longer use it!

So what do I keep inside...

Quite a lot you can clearly see.

1. I have 2 Cath Kidston purses in which I keep lots bits and boobs such as plasters, a mirror, Vaseline, Simple face moisturiser, a mini deodorant, several lip glosses (Burt's Bees, Carmex, Chap Stick Cherry and Lush Whip Stick), Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream, pens, notepad and Burt's Bees rescue ointment.
2. A pink spotty Paperchase diary
3. All You Need is Love oyster card and student card (in Cath Kidston case)
4. House keys complete with Hello Kitty and a duck keyring
5. Anatomicals hand cream and Aqueous Cream
6. Chanel wallet
7. My BlackBerry
8. Pink iPod shuffle (that I can't see in the picture)
9. Topshop sunglasses
10. A few chocolate ├ęclairs (that I was given with the bill in a restaurant)
11. A Cath Kidston umbrella (on occasion)
12. And my bright pink Canon Ixus 5915 (which I took the photos with obviously)

No wonder my bag broke with the amount of stuff I've been lugging about! As you can see the contents are pretty girly and in abundance so if you ever need anything it's likely you'll find it in my bag. I also love Cath Kidston and the sales are brilliant for picking up cheap little bags and trinkets. I have a Cath passport holder and luggage case amonst various wash bags, other handbags and mugs etc.

If you're wondering why I carry so many moisturising products around with me, it's because I suffer from very dry skin and am always ready for when a skin dilemma should arise.

What can you not life without in your handbag?

Everything but the kitchen sink x


  1. i love your bag and paperchase always has the cutest things :) x

  2. The bag is beautiful! Quite a good price for Cath Kidson too. I was in a furniture shop yesterday looking for blankets for my bed and found a lovely Cath Kidson one for £140!!! I don't think so!
    I love in my bag posts, I guess it's coz im so nosey! x

  3. hey fancy pants!
    your blog is rather cute indeed!
    just putting it out there!
    love your stuff x

  4. that bag is gorgeous,
    i loved seeing what was in it-im so nosey!



  5. u have all those cute stuffs! :D

    CLIFF from http://cropcripcrop.blogspot.com/


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