Thursday 12 August 2010

Daylight Robbery

First things first, have you noticed the little bit of html-ing I've done over on the right hand side? Now, I know it's only linking you to my twitter/facebook/tumblr etc and it isn't really that hard to do yadda yadda yadda but for me, the girl who knows no computer technology this is a pretty massive achievement! So feel free to click all the links and also see where I made an appearance on Amy's Wolf Whistle blog.

So, it's 11 days until I hand my dissertation in and (almost) finish my masters degree. It's coming along pretty terrible thanks for asking but I did just make progress on this section I had no understanding for so things could be worse.

If you remember, at the weekend I did a biggie shop in H&M and one of the things I bought was this fabulous stripy tunic. I love my stripes, I really do but what made this top stand out for me was the mixture of horizontal and vertical stripes plus its huge and perfect for lazy days spent at the computer working.

Tunic from H&M
Leggings from Topshop

One of the other things I love about this top is how it kinda makes me feel like a burglar when I wear it. Not that I go about breaking into people's house or anything its just the black and white chunky stripe.

I picked these leggings up along time ago for a couple of quid in a Topshop sale. They are pretty silly but I love the florals (obviously) and how they clash with everything!!

Must dash back to the books, got a lots of words to write and not many days left, wish me luck because I sure as anything need it. I hope you are all having much more exciting day than me at the minute.

Lock your door, there's a robber on the loose x


  1. good luck with the rest of your dissertation!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment :)

    Fashion Stereotype

  2. One of the other things I love about this top is how it kinda makes me feel like a burglar when I wear it.

    lol! - gotta love a good stripe!

    good luck sweet xxx

  3. ooh i do love that top,
    good luck hun

  4. love the mix of prints!
    good luck!


  5. i love this tunic, sooo cheap and so wearable!

  6. oh i hope the dissertation hand in goes ok!
    doing my 10,000 words was hell! i couldnt manage a masters!
    i love the leggings too x

  7. Love the stripey top - your burglar comment made me grin! xx

  8. hannah.... your never going to guess what..... I have those leggings too!

    Clothes twins FTW!


  9. Thanks for all the good luck everyone and I'm glad some of you find the burglar comment amusing! I do try and bring a bit of humour to the blog now and then.

    Also Milly, it's crazy how many clothes we have the same, bananas!!!

    Massive love to you all xx


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