Sunday 15 August 2010

Spotty Face

This is the other tunic I bought last weekend from H&M and I must say I love it just as much as the burglar one! It's exactly the same style with the same sleeves and length etc just spots instead of stripes. You can never really go wrong with spots, they're easy to wear, fun and versatile. I've gone for a bit of a spotty double whammy on this one, in my opinion you can never have enough spots!

Tunic and skirt from H&M
Tights and socks from Topshop
Brogues from Office
Nerdy necklace from ASOS

Double spots are pretty awesome I would say, would you agree?

So, I wore this on Friday and after a few drinks with my lab people at the end of the working day I convinced G to come visit me in Guildford for the night. We went on a mini pub crawl, missed the train back to London and watched Arrested Development until the early hours. G had to get up at 7.30am on Saturday to catch an early train home so she could collect her NEW PUPPY LOLA!!! I'm really excited to go home and meet her because she looks so adorable in all the photos.

In other news my dissertation is coming along all right. I have a week until its due in but I wont actually get any lab results until Wednesday so I'm going to have a pretty manic week writing the discussion section.

Apart from Friday night shenanigans the weekend has been a pretty mundane affair working but I've enjoyed it nonetheless because the last few have been manic with trips home to London.

I really want to see Coco and Igor x


  1. i love this look
    the spots look amazing! and i really like the brogues and socks
    i dont think i could pull off tights and socks xxx

  2. apaarently its rather sexed up and has fictional sub plot mmmh i dont want it to tar my impression of her?

    i LOVE the necklace xxx

  3. oh and please do a post telling us about your forthcomming travels :) xxx

  4. I love the tights the most :)
    What else would you wear them with?? Because I have a pair of them and I am stuck on what to wear them with!!! any tips??

  5. Well actually I bought them for that outfit!! But then never got round to wearing them!! Simply because we were going on the tube etc and it was boiling so when I got there I forgot to put them on!! Im such a fool!!! Thanks for the advice :)
    Do you think that would have looked nice though??
    P.s NEED some brogues!! xxx

  6. Agreed. Polka dots are always a winner in my books :)

  7. I LOVE polka dots! You look splendid!


  8. love the double spots! so cute and funky. good luck on the dissertation front. i am currently sitting in the library struggling over mine. i've got 2 weeks to finish it and i'm presently at 6,000/10,000 words. it is not fun. can't wait until it's over! xx

  9. I love the tights the most...gorgeous blog

  10. Wow you look fabulous love the spots on spots.

    Thanks for the tip on the tights I must walk around with my eyes shut at least I know I can replace my tights coz I know I am going to get through them super quick.

  11. when the second i read this comment suddenly i think that YOUR CLOTHES ARE SO DIFFERENT AND UNIQUES, THEY ARE ALL CUTE! hahaha :d love it! :D

    CLIFF from


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