Monday 16 August 2010


So you know I love a bit of novelty jewellery, well my collection just got BIGGER! Oh yes my friends, who knew a person could look so cool in multiple scrabble tiles and moustaches!

Top from Topshop
Skirt from H&M
Tights from Henry Holland
Clogs from ASOS

If people insist on charging next to nothing for quirky fun on eBay than who am I to refuse them the joy of a couple pounds and a smile on my face =)

All this jewellery is from ebay and I'm so happy I bought it! Yes, it's completely ridiculous but I like how fun everything is. I love wearing the scrabble brooch and necklace together and am glad my name start with 'H' because I get four points instead of a rubbish 1 like you would get for 'A' names etc. Anyway, people who have really interesting names like Quinda or Zoogel (OK, I made those up) get to have EVEN MORE points, lucky them!!!! Gosh, I sound like a bit of a freak, a freak with a moustache on her finger!! I have a bit of love for these furry facial features and already have a tshirt with one on plus a necklace on the way...

Now that it's getting a bit cooled I can bring out the tights and my collection is rather vast. I love colourful and patterned tights and the Henry Holland collection for Pretty Polly is perfect. I have loads of these and whilst they are pretty delicate I love the housing detail and change in texture.

Today's outfit was pretty random wouldn't you agree? Oh well, that's what happens when you have a week of your dissertation left to go. Do you guys have any quirky fashion loves? Or am I the only jewellery freak out there?

6 days x


  1. i love buying embellished head bands, but always forget to wear them arghghg lol xxxx

    i love the H's xxx

  2. Love the Scrabble jewellery, I used to work for an accessories company that made Scrabble cuff-links - they were always a best-seller. Good luck with the dissertation. xx

  3. ive got a pair of scrabble tile earrings that i keep in my purse just in case i need something to brighten up my outfit
    i really like the moustache ring!
    at the moment i am completely obsessed with headscarves! mainly to cover my awful hair when i cant be bothered to wash it xxx

  4. I am also a fan of novelty jewellery, so therefore approve very much of these eBay purchases!

    I also have myself a couple of Scrabble rings - I have a classic colour one like yours & also a black one, which I wear loads - love 'em! Now I'm rather fancying nabbing me a moustache ring..

  5. the moustache ring made me giggle,
    its so cute!

  6. sooo cool ring!! and I love your necklace!!

  7. hannah... I have those tights too,
    this is beyond ridiculous!

    hope your dissys going ok!

    and its nice to see your followers creeping up!


  8. i have a scrabble tile necklace & always get comments on it -
    its soo cute

  9. That moustache ring is adorable! I love it on you!

    And I wanted those HH tights for ages! They are fab.


  10. Moustache ring = awesome! Funny jewellery makes me smile.


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