Saturday 10 July 2010

Too Hot to Function

Literally, it is too hot to do anything in London at the minute! As we speak I am hiding in the living room with the curtains shut, it is the coldest room in the house and I am watching The X Files movie and computer-ing because I can't bare to move! Exaggerations aside, I have very fair skin so this heat = massive sun burn which I don't quite fancy catching so I'm staying hidden until winter!!

In other news I got my hair done yesterday and boy is it blonde, to be more specific white! I love it!!! I haven't had it this white for ages because the hairdressers keep screwing me over but now it's back to the way I love it and I'm a very happy =)

This was taken just before when I had a cute pink bow from Topshop pinning back a miniature quiff thingy.

Last night we had a BBQ at home so I had to rummage through my old wardrobe and discovered this old sun dress I used to love and wear all the time.

Can you see how white my hair is now?

Dress from River Island
Denim waistcoat from eBay
Pierre Hardy for Gap Wedges

I'm home for a week so have to make do with my old clothes but things aren't as bad as I thought and I seem to have an abundance of sun dresses and sandals. Plus neither of my sisters are here at the minute so I can steal their clothes, hahaha! Today I'm wearing another old sun dress and had to run outside into the shade to have this picture taken by my Mum.

Dress from River Island
Sandals from Topshop

A lot of my older clothes are from River Island, whilst my newer stuff is mainly Topshop. I find River Island very hit and miss at times and whilst I used to love it, these days I only ever see the odd thing that I fancy. This week I'm planning on hitting Primark, Urban Outfitters and some vintage shops and whilst I don't really have a lot to spend I enjoy looking around for inspiration and a quirky find.

I hope it cools down soon so I can actually step outside, what do you guys enjoy doing in this heat?

I'm off to the Dorchester tonight for a family dinner, nice x

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  1. your hair look beautiful!
    i think it really suits you and you can pull that off fabulously
    little bow is a quirky touch too
    belle xx


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