Wednesday 7 July 2010

Floral Grunge

A while ago I mentioned how I wanted to try out the Floral Grunge look as seen on Gok Wan's Fashion Fix a few weeks back. So with the help of a new floral skirt purchased in the ASOS sale last week I gave it ago.

Floral Jacket, belt and boots from River Island
Floral skirt from ASOS
Denim shirt and spiky hairband (just seen) from Topshop

I'm not sure if it was the long skirt or the random assortment of floral patterns but I kind of felt like a granny this morning but a granny with some sort of style nevertheless! This is definitely a look I'm going to keep experimenting with over the summer, adding different hits of denim, leather and of course the all important flowers until I make it perfect. I do like the skirt despite its length and whilst I'm normally a fan of above the knee unless I'm wearing trousers, the split in the back makes it a little less dowdy.

All this cover up was good for a less than sunshine fantastic day but I think I'd be far too hot in the height of summer (even English) for all these layers. Maybe I'd swap the skirt and shirt for denim shorts and a floral tee... I do love all the crazy clashing though =)

I think the long silhouette makes me look a little taller than normal, maybe x


  1. i love this kind of clash!
    you are defo working it fabulously missus
    belle xx

  2. haha, you look awesome. ah, i can't stand that fashion fix show! it was so much better in the first season!


  3. Another floral crazy lover... I like you ;-)
    I adore that skirt and the clashing prints- you look great! Am I also spotting that we have the same PH x Gap shoes? Great minds, lol!


    Fyi, you/your blog is hilarious!

  4. Thank you, yes we do have the same PH shoes but mine are the khaki ones! I love your brown ones though, they are so incredibly comfy!

    PS I didn't realise I was so hilarious?


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