Monday 5 July 2010

Oxford Sailing

I travelled to Oxford this weekend along with C to visit our friends D and A. We also saw my other friends D and A who I lived with in Derby. During the day we did a bit of sight seeing and rented a rowing boat where C decided to have a swim. Whilst she was swimming I tried to row away but instead crashed into the bank! Thankfully the boat was not damaged and we got our deposit back, phew!

C and A trying to navigate whilst I directed. Unfortunately I didn't get a decent photo of myself rowing which was a shame because I was wearing a nautical worthy outfit! However, C did take this one and excusing my cleavage you can kind of see the sailor(ish) detail of my Topshop tee.

That evening was spent consuming copious amounts of alcohol and dancing to pop punk records in a somewhat dingy but excellent club. I was a tad worse for wear by the time we got back to the house and spent most of Sunday dying whilst watching the tennis. I did however find a pirate hat to carry on the nautical theme of the day =)

I never realised a hangover could last 48hours because today I was feeling hideous, but it was all worth it for a fun weekend =)

I love the skirt I'm wearing today, it's one of my greatest eBay bargains. I bought it brand new several years ago for approximately £5 where it had been £50ish in store. I wore it here in quite a girly combination but today I was feeling a little more secretary so dressed it down with a denim shirt.

Shirt and skirt from Topshop
Pumps from Office

I also have a cute little umbrella brooch but I can't remember where I bought it from.

All in all a great few days and lucky for me I have a break from the lab next week so I will be catching up on lots of lovely things around London during my time off. I want to see the Grace Kelly exhibition at the V&A, check out the Brick Lane vintage shops, make a trip to the Hummingbird Bakery, visit friends, get my hair done and maybe even see Eclipse one evening.

Team Jacob x


  1. I want an umbrella brooch! Adorable :)

  2. i love love love that umbrella brooch!
    plus i love the daisy detailing on that skirt, veerrry summer
    i am glad you had a good time in oxford
    i really wanna go there and will come to you for advice on the best places to visit if/when i do get around to going
    belle xx

  3. awrh, the umbrella brooch is so quirky and fun :)
    cute outfit too!


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