Friday 2 July 2010

Cosmo Blog Awards

I'm not asking you to vote for me but just thought I'd share with you who I'm voting for and why.

1. Sex and Relationships - I don't read many blogs about this topic but my favourite from this category and probably a top 5 blog for me anyway is Men I Wish I Hadn't Slept With. This is hilarious and whilst I sometimes question the validity of the anecdotes I don't really care because they literally have me rolling on the floor laughing (no acronyms here thank you)! This blog hasn't been about for that long and if truth be told it isn't updated that regularly but the stories are shocking, inspiring, funny and sheds a light on the one night stand culture a lot of people are too embarrassed to talk about. I would recommend anyone over the age of consent to give it a read and even if you are a prude the brutal truth in the writing will probably open your mind and make you think about sex in a new light.

2. Beauty - I am not a make-up junkie by any means of the imagination (I can't be bothered to spend 30mins every morning applying it) but I do like slapping on the war paint and glitter when I go out clubbing and have a need to almost collect anything from the Benefit range as well as moisturisers. My favourite blog from this category is Mademoiselle Robot and whilst she mainly writes about fashion and styling her blog has a really lovely beauty section. What I like most are the video tutorials detailing easy ways to apply make-up and create hair styles. She also does reviews on perfume, beauty products and make-up so there is something for everyone. The make-up video tutorials focus on different styles such as French (her nationality), bridal and vintage! The steps are easy enough to follow and the products she uses ranges from low price to high end. The blog has an extremely cute design and her photos are excellently taken and edited. perfectly girly without being vulgar!

3. Fashion and Style - Wow, I read so many of these but my all time favourite and the reason I started blogging is because of the lovely Joe and Katie over at What Katie Wore. Now I haven't actually meet these two but the way Joe writes about his girlfriend (in a sometimes sarcastic manner) makes me think they are in fact a lovely pair. The premiss of the blog is that Katie was challenged to wear a different outfit for an entire year which would be documented by Joe in the form of an online love letter... see, very lovely! After the year they kept the blog going, phew... and added a section for readers to send in their photos in the aptly named What You Wore. Katie has a wonderfully unique and colourful style, she is a fan of novelty jewellery which I love and mixes vintage, designer and high street in happy and beautiful manner. She has inspired so many of my clothes purchases in the last year and never looks boring, bravo!

4. Lifestyle - This could only go to one person... Bangs and a Bun! This woman is not afarid to speak her mind which is often blunt, hilarious and honest! She speaks about women's issues as well as general irritations in her day-to-day life. Bangs spreads a new light over many issues people find uncomfortable to talk about and makes you take a different perspective on somewhat controversial issues. I often come away from reading her posts thinking, "Wow, I totally agree with this but could never express my opinion to friends for fear of being thought crazy or something'! However, not all her posts are deep, heart wrenching and shocking, actually wait they are normally shocking but can also be light hearted and funny. Her video blogs (especially her facial expressions) and Bitch Please Advice Column practically have me chocking on my morning cereal with laughter! The one thing I think everyone who reads her blog can agree is that she has fabulous hair, is a fantastic writer and isn't afraid to go there!

5. Celebrity - I'm not sure if this category means celebrity gossip or a blog written by a celebrity. Before I started writing this I assumed I actually read a celebrity gossip blog but as I flick through the list of people I follow it turns out I don't. However, I do read Henry Holland's Blog for Vogue UK so he get's my vote on the pure basis that I LOVE Henry Holland. His blog is updated about once a week and the content is minimal at the best of times but despite his lack of posting I enjoy the pictures his does post which normally include Agyness Deyn and glamorous destinations.

6. New Fashion Blogger - I was going to vote for Jen at A Little Bird but after reading the rules I found out that this blog has to be less than 6 months old (HA, I apply for this) so I'm giving my vote to... Gosh I don't think I follow many blogs that have only been going for less than 6 months, I'll keep looking... Oh yes how could I forget, this vote definitely goes to Natalie at Canned Fashion. Now, her blog has been going since Christmas 2009 so I think it JUST fits into this category and thank goodness because it really is a treat. Natalie is definitely a fashionista, there is no doubt about it as well as a beautiful artist! Her blog is an account of her fashion experiments, designer illustrations and collection of her extremely colourful and envious coats! She has a beautiful well groomed style and mixes charity shop finds with high street buys and the occasional designer garment in a perfect ensemble. She tackles current trends with an assortment of amusing photos and illustrations, as well as cataloguing her current loves. Natalie was lucky enough to attend London Fashion Week in February and accounts this accordingly with other events. I love her roof top photo shoots and share her love of all things Chanel! She hasn't posted for a few weeks but hopefully she'll be back on form soon.

Even though I haven't voted for it one of my all time favourite blogs is Kingdom of Style! I love Queen Michelle's grunge / high fashion style. It's not often you see this combination and she pulls it off with incredible perfection.

So there you go, this is everyone I've voted for and if you want to join in too, this is where you do it! There are a few other entries you can vote in such as gadgets and current affairs but I can't say I read any blogs from these categories so can't really voice an opinion. I hope you've found some new (amazing) blogs to follow and good luck to everyone entered!

Andy Murray is out of Wimbledon, what a way to start the weekend x


  1. Aaah, thank you for thinking of me! Such a shame it's 6 months or less... A Little Bird is only 9 months old! :) xx

  2. If I can get on another computer I'm going to vote for you in the Style and Fashion category =)

  3. this is such a good post idea :) most people are advertising themselves! and thank you! i have been looking for the first blog in ages - so cheers my dear for posting the link xxxx


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