Friday 2 July 2010

Spartan Shoes

A while back I purchased a pair of Roman sandals from eBay, apparently they are from Office but I'm not too sure about that due to their less than perfect fitting nature. Saying that I absolutely love them and they make a fantastic change from normal gladiators.

Tee from Topshop
Skirt from ASOS

Lace tee and vest (underneath) from Topshop
Cycling shorts from H! by Henry Holland

The sandals say size 7 but they are huge and also prone to slipping down my leg! Whilst I'm not a fan of hitching up my shoes every half hour, a 20 quid imperfect treat from eBay is better than spending £60+ in the shops so it's smiles all round in my camp. I've had quiet a few reactions from people when wearing them, despite their somewhat OTT nature people say they look great =) I think they are fabulous and definitely add a bit more to an outfit, especially if a lot of leg is on show.

Last weekend I bought some £4 cycling shorts and have been wearing them loads with a variety of skirts! I would never in a million years thought I'd be wearing cycling shorts for anything other than exercising but I am completely a fan. I bought them because they were so cheap and thought it would make a nice change from leggings in the summer, I'm a convert now and will most likely be wearing them a lot this summer (along with my Roman sandals).

The ruffle skirt in the second picture is actually a vest / dress thing I picked up in the Topshop sale at the weekend. I'm not a fan of vests but I bought this £8 gem to wear under too short tees and other dresses to add a little detail to their hem lines. I HATE wearing a top and leggings when your ass is on display! Leggings are not a substitute for trousers in my opinion so this vest solves that problem by adding valuable inches and covering bum, perfect!

What shoes will you all be wearing this summer?

I'm off to Oxford tomorrow so have a lovely weekend x


  1. oh wow these are fab!
    i love ebay
    belle xx

  2. Good ol' eBay!

    I've seen the cycling shorts idea on a few blogs recently, & like you, would never have thought I'd be wearing them - BUT .. I'm starting to get tempted..!


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