Thursday 1 July 2010

Random Hair

Last week a sale frenzy hit the high streets and I could not resist a few little hair gems from ASOS that I had been keeping my eye on for some time. These hair bands are pretty random but you all know how much I love a good random hair band?!

This one has cat / mouse ears, how amazing! Not sure I could actually wear this one out and about but I love it nonetheless. Perhaps I'd wear it on a night down town (and fancy dress of course) but maybe not to the lab, especially since my flatmate asked what the heck I was wearing when I walked into the kitchen with it on...

I love this crown and would definitely wear it on a normal day to day basis. It sticks out a little bit but not too much to draw the kind of attention crazy people receive!

The skirt I'm wearing is from the Topshop sale and has a underwear/corset style about it, perfect for the underwear as outwear trend that has been a big hit this season.

Marc Jacobs SS10

I'm not about to go out flashing my bra though so this skirt is the perfect alternative.

Floral jacket from River Island (above)
Tee, skirt and socks from Topshop
Brogues from Office

I especially love the little suspender clips that are on the front of the skirt. It's only a small detail but makes the whole garment a little more interesting and sexy. As you can probably tell I love myself a good novelty item of clothing!

This whole outfit was a bit random but I love the geeky socks and shoes look against the miniskirt and white tee. Kind of nerdy school girl gone wrong, but I love it and am reminded of all my nerdy school days sitting front row in chemistry class =)

Is anyone sad Gok Wan is over for another season now? Not sure how I'll spend my Tuesday evenings without a show to shout outfit insults at and shriek in horror!

Brix will always be my favourite x


  1. aww hansy
    great minds think alike
    I bought the crown too,
    isnt it amazing,
    you have good taste!

  2. i love this quirky little look
    especially the socks and shoes!
    belle xxxx

  3. Thanks xx

    @Milly have you seen the gold bunny ears head band, I want that too but it's completely ridiculous!!!

    @BV the socks have cute little heart buttons on the side, completely adorable =)

  4. Oh I do love the crown headband... it is super neat.

  5. thirded on the crown! its ace x

  6. The crown hair band is £4 BUY IT NOW!!!


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