Monday 28 June 2010

Something New

As you probably recall from my vast amount of tweeting I spilt hot chocolate over my MacBook last week and was unable to type properly. As the days went by more letters continued to fail on the keyboard until all I could manage was point and click, hence the lack of posting. On Saturday I took my poor lappy to the Apple shop in Westfield. I didn't mention anything about the drink incident but asked to have the keyboard replaced due to chipping. This is a manufacturing problem, which I have had replaced before for FREE so the man in the shop happily obliged. I was scared he would turn my laptop on and check the serial number etc whereupon he would discover that the keyboard didn't in fact work and that my chipping story was merely a cheeky diversion! He didn't turn in on and even though I was told it might take over a week to fix it took a mere 24 hours! Amazing! The conclusion to this story is don't drink near your computer and APPLE are amazing! Dad picked up my computer this morning and it is in perfect condition, keys and all =)

I've been pretty busy during the last week, my dissertation is in full swing and I'm in the lab everyday (except today...) but with it being so nice and hot I try to get out and about in the afternoons and not staying cooped up inside working all the time. I've also been trying to mix my outfit choices up and try different combinations I wouldn't normally put together.

I like this stars and stripes outfit, I'm not trying to channel America or anything just mixing up patterns and shapes.

Stripy top and cardigan from Topshop
Star clad dress from Motel
Pumps from Office

Plenty of bows in this outfit =)

Scallop edge crop top from ASOS
Floral culottes from River Island
Pocahontus shoes from Topshop

I'm not really a crop top kinda girl but I do love this sheer pink one, I wear it with a white vest underneath and high waist shorts to hide my stomach!!! As the temperatures continue to soar all I want to wear is shorts and beach wear but this isn't practical so I have to find alternatives.

I bought a pair of £4 black cycling shorts from the H! by Henry Holland (again...) sale last week and have worn them non stop this weekend! They are so practical with those dresses and tees that are a little too short and it's too hot out for leggings/tights. I don't have any photos but I did wear them with an oversized tee one day and a checkered shirt with a mini skirt the next.

My weekend at home was pretty hectic too, we had a big family outing to Maze restaurant on Friday night with my auntie, uncle and cousin. We all had the tasting menu and it was incredible! Yum yum yum. We were very lucky to have a table with windows next to the kitchen so we could see what was going on but not quite as incredible as the table IN the kitchen!!

Cider and vodka cocktail, best thing ever!

Myself, the sisters and cousin Little H (there are a lot of people with names beginning with H in our family, little and old)

In the kitchen with Mum and our waitress (Auntie H in the background). I have a spaz face but this was the only picture I had from our tour! We were totally in the way but nosing around the kitchen was super fun and really interesting.

In a 'hip and trendy' pub down the road from Maze getting some CHEAP drinks after the pricey meal! Thanks Dad =)

Maze is a Gordon Ramsey restaurant so the night was even more exciting because he is one of my favourite TV chefs! Unfortunately he wasn't there that night (he probably never is anyway) but the evening was still wonderful, delicious and fun fun fun! I wore my Topshop hair band, River Island dress with the ASOS crop top underneath and my trusty Pierre Hardy for Gap wedges.

On Saturday night I watched the final Doctor Who episode of the latest series before heading off to see some random punk rock bands with G and S followed by late night Chinese and a LONG bus journey home! We went to a tiny bar just off Tottenham Court Road to see the bands followed by a dander into China Town. I love living in London for evenings like this because there aren't many places you can have a sit down dinner at 2am before catching a night bus all the way home!

The head lining band was called Ape Party and low and behold they all wore masks. It was a pretty terrifying sight but kinda cool nonetheless. We played some embarrassing games of pool and decided to form our own band called Owl Party. We will all wear owl masks, have owly names (mine is snowy cos I'm the only blonde) and all our songs will be about owls!!! Apparently I'm going to be lead guitar, S on bass, G on drums and without her knowledge K will be the singer. Why are we so mental? Ask G!!

Sunday was spent watching the tragic football in one of our locals before a traditional Hobson family BBQ. All in all a great few days =)

Back to Guildford means back to work now but at least I have a functional computer x


  1. I love your stars and stripes outfit, and your family look really lovely, sounds like you had a good evening!

    What did you reckon to the final Dr Who episode? I loved it!

  2. I thought it was incredibly random and a fair bit confusing at times but I still really enjoyed it! I think they go a bit over board on the technology sometimes in order to allow pretty much ANYTHING to happen ie River's time and space manipulator thingy! In all honesty I haven't enjoyed this season as much as previously but I'm glad the finale was a success =)

  3. i think the top outfit is one of my favourites so far :) xxx


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