Sunday 11 July 2010

A Night at the Dorchester

I'm a pretty lucky girl getting taken to all these fancy restaurants lately, first Maze and now the Dorchester Grill last night. It was my Auntie's 50th and cousin B's 21st birthday so Uncle took us all out to celebrate, nice!

Me with all my cousins, B, H and little H in the back. Have I mentioned before how most people in my family have a name beginning with the letter H? The food was incredible, we all had a three course meal which was accompanied by an amuse bouche and a cider sorbet thing before dessert, delicious! It was lovely seeing all the family, especially cousin B who I haven't seen for AGES!

Lace tee from Topshop
Dress from River Island
Pierre Hardy for Gap wedges

We drank copious bottles of wine and I had a delicious peach Bellini with a secret ingredient I couldn't quite put my finger on. The decoration in the place was completely lavish, it felt like we were eating in Harrods or something equally as spectacular. Whilst the food was incredible I did find the decoration a tad oppressive and definitely prefer a modern styled restaurant. Now that everyone is going away for the summer I don't think there are any more fancy meals on the horizon which is a shame because I love going out for a posh meal. In the meantime I'll be happy with The Boy's cooking when he comes to visit me next weekend =)

Today I am hiding inside from the sun again, it really is too hot for me to be anywhere other then my cold living room happily enjoying series 6 of The X Files, I'm a loser I know. I'm debating whether to watch the football tonight or not and if I do I think I'll be routing for Spain. Not sure why to be honest, I just feel like it.

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend and are enjoying the sun sufficiently unlike my sun hating self.

I made cider ice lollies which are a little but yummy x

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  1. cider ice lollies! i am totally on that when i next get back to somerset, german cider is crap :(( beer makes up for it though! in fact i might make beer ones......


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