Tuesday 20 July 2010

The Sea and Me

If there is one trend I visit more than others it has to be nautical! I choose to dress this way time and time again and with the help of a £10 sale purchase last week my obsession continues to grow.

Dress from River Island
Leggings by H! for Henry Holland
Belt from Asda
Sandals from Birkenstock

I teamed this outfit with an assortment of complimentary jewellery. I can't remember where the anchor earring are from but I lost one the other week so just wore it in one ear today! Slightly random but what's the point in throwing away an odd earring?

Ring and necklace from Topshop

I've also discovered a signature necklace for myself. I purchased this in the Topshop sale last week and have been wearing it almost everyday since.

It has a H for Hannah obviously, a ribbon bow and a cute little vintage floral pendant. Altogether it sums up my style I think plus the H is covered in little gems adding some subtle glam... haha!!

I'm not sure where my love for all things nautical originated from...

But it's a style I'll continue to wear forever!

Do you guys wear nautical much or do you have your own obsessive trend?

What shall we do with the drunken sailor... x


  1. Love your 'H' necklace - really pretty :)

    I like me a bit of nautical too - I definitely have nautically inspired days - it's just so easy to wear isn't it?


  2. it looks so great on you though!

  3. That nautical jewelry is absolutely beautiful! Cute blog, I'm a follower now :)

  4. Last year I was super obsessed with anything shiny and sparkly... it became ridiculous!

    I too am an avid nautical fan, and I'm loving the clock necklace.


    p.s te shoes are a 6, sareeee ;-)


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