Monday 19 July 2010

Rocking it to the Max-eeeee

The Boy came to visit this weekend so I wouldn't have to go to the uni ball on my own, we had a great time with the free fun fair rides, strawberry cocktails and dancing. A perfect Friday night except for the vast amount of queueing.

I posted an outfit teaser on Thursday and here is the complete look.

Dress from Monsoon
Vintage gloves and cumberbund from Beyond Retro
Cardigan and pumps from Topshop
Bag from Urban Outfitters
Feather head band from Lou Lou Loves You

First of all, how completely amazing is my hair band, Lou Lou Loves You did me proud this time and I couldn't be happier. The Boy thought it was a bit on the crazy side but the girlies thought it was great (at least that's is what they said)!! Check out The Boy and his bow tie, he knows me well (and teases me about it regularly). I was going for a vintage inspired 50s look with the prom style dress with a few 20s touches from the delicate gloves to the head wear. What do you all think? I was really happy with my outfit considering my first choice of dress didn't fit (bloody H&M) and I will use the vintage accessories over and over again.

We spent about 30mins queueing for these yummy strawberry cocktails and then spent a further 45mins queueing for one of those fair ground rides that go up and down a million mph. Both were worth the wait, maybe...

We didn't go on the Ferris Wheel because we couldn't bear to queue for another ride but we did dance the night away to Scott Mills and other great tunes. A 10/10 night for sure!

Saturday was spent being lazy and having good food cooked for me. The Boy worked as a chef last year so he has a few kitchen skills up his arms =)

Yesterday we ventured into the outside world and despite the beautiful day we spent 2 and a half hours in the cinema watching Inception and by gosh it was worth it! This was probably one of the best films I've ever seen, the story was extreme and made my head hurt at times but nevertheless it had me on the edge of my seat in wonderment. The story line was ridiculous yet amazing and the ending was genius! A definite must see PLUS Leo is hot hot hot!

After the film I took The Boy to Guildford Castle for a dander in the sun. I've been living in Guildford since last September and this was the first time I've been to the castle in years, oops! It's a lovely area with beautiful garden and great sights of Surrey.

Maxi dress from Primark
Sandals from River Island
Hair band bow and necklace from ASOS
Bag from Marc B

There's are a lot of hit and miss comments out there about the maxi dress, but I must say I find this one rather flattering and extremely comfortable. Many people (and I would agree sometimes) that the maxi dress can be unflattering ie bin bag effect but because this one is cinched it does more for the figure than a straight up and down style especially since you can move the cinched area as high or low as you please.

How amazing is my necklace by the way, I picked it up for a tenner from ASOS! I didn't realise it would be go large but considering Tatty Devine are selling a similar one for £50 I am thrilled! It's completely on the random side but I love novelty jewellery and think it's great =)

I didn't wear anything bow related to the ball (crazy eh?) so made up for it by wearing an OTT hair band bow and my new Tatty Devine bow ring.

I love the glitter and despite it looking OTT is pretty subtle when on.

When we got home I cooked a delicious lamb dinner which along with the sunshine finished off our weekend nicely. Can't wait till I visit The Boy in Leeds next month now!!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and got up to some fun activities?

I'm back in the lab again this week, working hard x


  1. love ur blog! ♥

  2. what a great post!! I've just come across you blog and I love it. I also just saw Inception and loved the question of reality. Hope you have a great week!


    p.s. I'm following you on bloglovin and I'd be so honored if you followed me :)

  3. I love that glitter bow ring! Glad you had fun at the ball - ours was cancelled, boo :(

  4. WE LOVE YOUR BLOG! You have such an awesome sense of style - we just might have to steal that necklace off you. You look fantastic.


  5. Thank you for the lovely comments everyone, really appreciated because it's nice to hear what you all think =)

    PS ASOS is still selling the necklace for £10,30.000&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=200&sort=3&clr=Black


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