Thursday 15 July 2010

All over town

I've been having a really busy and productive week at home, productive in terms of seeing people and London, not productive in terms of my dissertation! But anyway, since the last time we spoke I have visited my friend S in Clapham, visited G in South Kensington, gone to the V&A, seen Eclipse, vintage shopped my way around Brick Lane and eaten my way across Borough Market.

First things first though. Yesterday I met G for lunch at GBK in South Ken, they do the best burgers ever and we treated ourselves to Hummingbird Bakery cupcakes, yum yum yum =) We both had a chicken, camembert and cranberry burger, seriously they are the BEST! Whilst G went back to work I went to see the Grace Kelly exhibition at the V&A. The display was on the small side and probably not worth the £4 student ticket but I did thoroughly enjoy seeing Grace Kelly's clothes and accessories throughout the various times in her life. You could see a dramatic change in the way she dressed when she became Princess of Monaco compared to her acting years choice of dress. The ball gowns were heavenly and luxurious whilst her day dresses were simple yet elegant, her style was perfection. There was of course her Hermes 'Kelly' bag and a large array of sunglasses which she was famous for. A couple of short films showcased her talent as an on screen Hollywood icon to a real life princess, lucky girl!

I stared to take some photos but quickly got told off because this was apparently not allowed, oops! This is the dress she wore on her wedding day, stunning!

I really want to see this Peter Rabbit expo next. I bought these little button earrings from the V&A gift shop too.

After G finished work we trotted off to see Eclipse which really wasn't as bad as I expected it to be. PS Jacob was HOT!

Today my Mum and I headed to Brick Lane to find me a vintage dress for the uni Grad Ball tomorrow night. I bought a H&M dress from eBay but it doesn't fit because H&M is not appropriate for ladies with size D breasts or above. I was so furious because the dress is beautiful and even though I can get the zip up past my chest it's a bit on the tight side. Anyway, I'll lose some more weight and it'll fit and I'll be happy! So off to Brick Lane we went to find me a different dress.

Because we were heading East I decided to dress in a vintage appropriate outfit. I love wearing vintage because I like the idea of the clothes having an adventure in a past life plus you can buy the most beautiful dresses at reasonable prices and know that they are practically a one off (unlike the dreaded Topshop) and therefore your outfit will be compleyley unique.

Jacket and dress are vintage
Shoes from Schuh

Ha, there is a picture of me in the background!

I like clashing prints, spots and stripes are a good one. This jacket is pretty large but I love the gold buttons and school boy blazer style about it, it's kind of nautical and military all mixed into one simple and practical jacket.

I don't often go shopping on Brick Lane which is a shame because the vintage shops are amazing, friendly, inspiring and have the ability to sends you into a clothes induced haze as you rifle through the racks for hours on end.

I got some cute little rings from Tatty Devine, I would have bough more stuff but the shop is pretty pricey and I'm pretty poor being a student and all.

Completely cute aren't they? I bought the cat ring and Mum bought me the glittery bow, amazing!! Whilst I was in the shop I tried on a hair band bow made from milk bottle tops, its was extreme!!!

After failing to find a dress but buying a gorgeous crochet poncho thing from the Vintage Emporium and accessories from Beyond Retro to go with a Monsoon dress Mum picked up for me yesterday we headed to Borough Market for lunch. We feasted on a pork belly baguette, green Thai curry, devils on horse backs and raspberry sorbet. We were so full (but bought a chocolate brownie for later) and headed home after a long day of exploring East London, what fun =)

Mum and I messing around on the tube escalators.

Back in Putney I picked up a bargain pair of black pumps from Office for a mere £10. They have a heart on the front and will replace my grey and pink Topshop pair which are no longer wearable. They are made from rubber and I call them my fake Vivienne Westwood Melissa shoes.

After the weekend I will post a picture displaying my outfit from the ball so you can see everything I bought but here is a little sneak peak for the mean time.

The Boy is visiting tonight which I'm super excited about, I'm trying to tidy my room and catch up with blogging and X Files episodes before he arrives.

Do you guys have any big events coming up? I love dressing up normally but these uni balls allow me to go even more over the top, fantastic! I've worn vintage before to a ball but this year it'll be a mix of vintage and new, do you prefer to buy new dresses or vintage for these events?

I hope you all have a great weekend x


  1. Hello my love!

    None coming up, but I had a christening last weekend and it almost killed me looking for the perfect outfit, haha. I adore your vintage dress, and is it really lame to say I like your tiled floor? ;-)

    Have a great weekend!


  2. oooo peter rabbit- i am jealous!x

  3. I prefer antique and vintage dresses rather than a designer one. Your dress above is so charming and pretty. Sounds like you had a grand time in London;-)

  4. Hey! Yay I found your post! whoop whoop!
    Your story of the exhib is great, you actually describe what you saw - better than my efforts! hehe
    I got worried then thinking I missed her wedding dress but that one isn't her actual wedding dress. For the ceremony she wore a long sleeved lace one as you see in the picture of her on her kees with her hands held, head bowed.
    You must see peter rabbit, its small and calm but so beautiful :)
    let me no when you see it!


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