Thursday 22 July 2010

Bags of envy

I met up with my old friends C and C today for lunch. The 3 of us went to college together but since uni and jobs etc we haven't got together in ages so this was a nice little reunion especially since C1 is home from her Hong Kong based job!!!

These are two girls I envy! C1 has a collection of Jimmy Choos and C2 'collects' designer handbags. Her collection includes a Chanel 2.55, Gucci(s), a Chole and an array of Louis Vuitton (handbags and luggage)!!! Lucky girls eh?

But whatever, life is too short to be jealous and when I get a super dooper toxicology job and become a world famous scientist I can buy myself as many pretty bags and shoes as I want... so there!

My green eyes clearly match my trousers today.

Breton top from H&M
Trousers and necklace from ASOS
Pierre Hardy for Gap wedges
Lace socks from Topshop

I was going for a casual but chic look in an attempt to not look like a slob amongst the fancy handbags. C1 had a Marc Jacobs and C2 had her new Chole!! When it started to rain this morning I was extremely worried about wearing these wedges, tripping and looking like a fool but shortly before lunch the sun came out, phew!

I'm still obsessed with my new ASOS necklace, I love how quirky it is and several people have already told me it looks great =) I also popped on this kitch little brooch and silly ring from Topshop.

You can see my reflection in it, haha! Plus I love how the brooch has a bow of her own =)

I love reunions, it's so much fun to reminisce, find out the gossip and chat nonsense like we did in the school days. I really should try and meet up with more people I haven't seen in ages but it can be hard sometimes. How do you keep in touch with old friends? Sometimes I fear that if it wasn't for facebook we would all be screwed... or just make more of an effort!

I must take a photo of the cupcakes I made before they are all gone x


  1. oh your accessories look fabulous
    you look gorgeous as ever
    love the wedges xx

  2. I have bag envy just from reading this post and the bags on your side bar aren't helping...i want everyone of them! I shall be following :)

    Stacey xx

  3. Thanks guys, these wedges are probably my all time favourite pair of shoes! So comfortable for their height and go with most outfits xx

  4. Thank you very much Stacey! You should have seen my envy yesterday, C2 leads a very glamorous life, the lucky girl!!


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