Friday 23 July 2010


Recently I've been seeing a lot of tops and dresses with peter pan collars so I decided to purchase one for myself for fear of being left out! These collars are completely cute especially if you tie some ribbon around them and make a bow =)

I found a tunic online from Topshop and thought it would be perfect as a summer dress but unfortunately its a bit on the short side so for the moment I'm pairing it with my beloved cycling shorts. I've also picked up some shoes from the ASOS sale in the fashionable clog style that's been everywhere recently. I had seen these clogs worn by the lovely Milly of Fashion Laundrette and after sale reductions and an extra 10% off they only cost me £16, complete bargain!

Dress from Topshop
Cycling shorts from H! by Henry Holland
Necklace from Primark

Clogs from ASOS

The clogs are super comfy and easy to walk in so I'm very happy with my purchase. So thanks Milly for this find plus I love her Melissa bow flip flops too. I wish the tunic was a bit longer though because I think it's really pretty on its own but I'm going to experiment with different skirts and shorts. Do you guys have any suggestions of what to wear with it? I don't have any ribbons at my Guildford residence but I definitely want to get my hands on one when I go to London this week to tie around the collar and make a little bow tie.

The Humingbird marshmallow cupcakes I made a few days ago are finally gone with the help of my friends and flatmates but I managed to score a picture before they were all gobbled away. They had a melted marshmallow centre and a mini marshmallow frosting, yummers!

I've also decided to do a little feature on the old blog too. It's going to be called My Weekly Bowspiration and consist of blogs I've read the following week where someone has has a bow almighty present on their outfit.

My first two bowspirations come from Amy at Wolf Whistle and Jacqueline at Platform Princess. First things first I love both these blogs, the girls have a fantastic individual style and their writing is very funny.

This week Amy wore a fantastic bow in her hair to the launch of the new TK Maxx store on Charing Cross Road.

How beautiful is her vintage dress too? And that satchel bag, I'm in love! I don't think I have any bows this big but I am extremely tempted to find one now and show it off on a night out! Amy's is from Topshop but I bet loads of places have them.

Jacqueline has a pair of gorgeous YSL pumps with cute little gold bows at the front! I need them in my life like right now!!

Aren't they gorgeous? I also love how she has cut the shoulders out of her Primark denim shirt, what a fantastic idea!!

So, I hope you like my new little feature and I hope you don't mind if I end up putting your picture on my blog. If you think you have any bow worthy outfits drop me a comment with a link to your blog and I'll see if I can include you...

I'm heading home to London tomorrow for the week with a list of adventures I want to undertake including the Peter Rabbit expo at the V&A, Toy Story 3 and maybe a visit to some markets. Do you have any exciting plans?

Enjoy your weekends everyone x


  1. How cute are you? Thanks for this my love!

    Have a great weekend ;-)


    p.s that cake looks amazing

  2. ohh, the cake looks very yummy indeed! i actually went ot the v&a today (i adore the v&a so i'm usually there a minimum of once a week, hehe) with another blogger, the peter rabbit exhibition is so sweet. the sketches and paints are just so detailed!

    love, jazzabelle. x

  3. Peter pan collars are very cute. And marshmallow cupcakes sound sooo good (and look delicious too!)


  4. I really love peter pan collars! That one looks so nice on you! And that cupcake... mmmm!


  5. haaannnaaahh!

    This post totally made my day!
    thanks for the linkage treacle!

    we have the exact same taste!
    you will never guess what arrived at my house yesterday morning...

    the peachy topshop peter pan collar dress
    seriously, we are clothes twins!


    thanks for being my favouritest blogger!


  6. love your clogs!!

  7. I love that tunic/dress, it's really pretty i've seen it on a few blogs and i think i might have to invest, i'm pretty tall though so i'm thinking it won't be long enough on me either, or maybe they do it in the tall range? Hmmm...

    Fab post :)

    Stacey xx

  8. Thanks for the love everyone, your comments are always appreciated! The cupcakes were very lovely indeed but I approximate 3248234879235 calories in each one!!! I love the tunic but its very short from my 5 foot 5 inches height so if you're tall this is far from a dress (unless they do it in tall size in which case I wish I'd got one of those)!!! Hope you've all had a great weekend xx

  9. oh yes the peter pan collar is back xxx

  10. i love the cakes
    and that peter pan collar is fabulous
    your blog always makes me smile
    belle xxx

  11. love the shirt/dress its beautfiul :D


  12. that top/dress is adorable! if i were you i'd wear it tucked into a high waisted skirt or shorts. and i LOVE those clogs!!

  13. Aah two of my favourite bloggers! Thanks for your comment on my blog! THe jumble sale was amazing, I will deffo be going next time, though that's not for ages :(


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