Monday 26 July 2010

Dior Cruise 2011

Have any of you seen the pictures from the new Dior Cruise 2011 collection yet? Can you tell why I love it? Hello bow belts and fairy tale dresses, I'm in love! So apparently this collection by John Galliano was inspired by the French ballerina turned actress Brigitte Bardot who has played a large role in the fashion industry since the 50s. The bardot neckline which is low cut exposing both shoulders is named after her and she also popularised the bikini. She bought the choucroute hair style into populatiry which is a kind of beehive type style and made gingham clothes popular when she wore a pink chequered dress to her wedding with Jacques Esterel. What an icon eh?

So on to the collection itself. It a mixture of nautical stripes (major love) pretty cocktail dresses and full on ball gowns all in pastel colours and airy fabrics.

I love this nautical look, the jacket is very clean cut yet its sharp shape is juxtaposed against the flimsy but quite gothic black skirt.

But onto my favourite part, the cupcake cocktail dresses complete with bow belts, oh so cute!

I love how all the bows immaculately match the dress and are all different sizes, shapes and colours instead of the same belt running through, perfection.

Plus some peter pan collars were thrown into the equation and from my last post you know how much I love me one of those at the minute.

Some of the dresses have the famous bardot collar and as mentioned above the end of the collection consisted of the most glorious ball gowns

So this is my take on the collection and apologies for the awful quality picture. No ball gowns here I'm afraid but I did choose a simple yet slightly frilly pink dress and teamed it with my only bow belt. A shame I don't have any belts in other colours or any ribbon for that matter but you get the idea? Even those I normally wear this on holiday to chill out in due to its light weight nature, it could be worn as a cocktail dress if styled up with some mega jewellery and glamorous belt, bag and shoes.

Dress and belt from shops I can't remember
Shoes from Irregular Choice

The frilly neck line of the dress makes it a bit more fairy tale esque as in the above Dior photos and the pink is definitely on trend (as least I think so anyway). I think my interpretation is a bit more edgy due to the black on pink but that's because I have a limited wardrobe in London, nevertheless pretty dresses with big bow belts is a trend I will totally be getting on board with!

I hope you have all had a great weekend and been up to lots of fun activities. I went out on Saturday night to the Crobar which specialises in whiskey and rock music. We drank lots, ate late night / early morning Chinese in China Town and got lost on the way back to Picadilly Circus, oops! Sunday was spent nursing a semi hangover and watching DVDs whilst the rain hit so all in all lots of fun. PS wearing open toe sandals to a dodgy bar where the toilet floors are soaked is not a good idea, I learnt the hard way on Saturday night!

Doing a pub quiz tomorrow night, god help my team x


  1. i completely heart your interpretation!
    my fav look is the peter pan collar! xxx

  2. That collection is cute to the extreme, which should make me nauseous but totally doesn't!

  3. I love everything 60's and this reminds me of that! I was born in the wrong decade haha! Good luck with your pub quiz, love them!

    Stacey xx

  4. What an amazing collection. Love the way you styled it up! Cute blog.

    Come check mine out sometime...and my current headband giveaway :-)'s a bow!

  5. i've just found this blog & i really like this post, really well put together; the background information, the photos & then your take on the look was really lovely...better than most bloggers who would just put the picture up :)

    i'm putting together a post about the never-ending trend nautical fashion, which should be up tomorrow, you might like it :)


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