Wednesday 9 June 2010

Parsian Flowers

Two things I love are florals and Paris! Florals sum up summer in one simple, fresh word. The word makes me feel happy yet nostalgic whilst captivating my imagination with an abundance of colour.

This painting is by Van Gogh and is one of my all time favourite pictures. Whilst the flowers are merely white the intoxicating aqua background allows them to appear completely beautiful!!

At this time of year were are surrounded by the multi sense properties of flowers. You can see them looking beautiful, smell their gorgeous aroma, touch their soft petals, hear them rustling in the breeze and taste their pungent flavours (in the form of Waitrose lavender cupcakes). Completely wonderful!!!

I also said I love Paris and the one factor that combines both of these is romance. Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world and nothing is more romantic than your loved one bringing you home a bunch of flowers (white lilies in my case) at the end of the day =)

Paris is a gorgeous city, I haven't been for years but I'll be on the Eurostar as soon as I get the chance.

It is the home of Chanel, the croissant, the most amazing galleries and museums, beautiful quaint cafes and the most stunning architecture... I'm in love just thinking about it =)

So today I thought I'd combine both loves into a mess of prints and randomness...

Vintage floral jacket
Eiffel Tower tee, skirt and pumps from Topshop
Floral satchel from Cath Kidston

This is my everyday school bag, it was a birthday present from my Mum and I completely love it! I love the satchel shape and the bold print, I'll use this bag with whatever outfit and I don't care if it matches or not!!! Even though I have 3 different floral prints going on, I think they still go together because they are all quite separate pieces ie jacket, shoes and bag. The Paris tee is pretty old but I love the mini Eiffel Tower print, so cute.

I haven't worn this pumps in ages

What do you love about this time of year and how do you express it via an outfit?

That's all from me today, I was probably going to write more but forgot x


  1. Your entire outfit is utterly adorable! Love the vintage floral blazer, but the Cath satchel has to be my favourite. Gorgeous! x

  2. Thank you. I'm obsessed with Cath, too much stuff for my own good =)


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