Tuesday 8 June 2010

The Truth is Out There

If you follow me on twitter you will know that I am currently obsessed with re-watching my old X Files DVDs. I love The X Files almost as much as I love Green Day, the sexual tension between Mulder and Skully is HOT, the fashion is extreme (1990s chic) and the story lines are out of this world, literally! I wouldn't call myself a sci-fi fan but I LOVE this show and all the little green men theories attached

When I was younger we would play the PC game which I remember taking years to complete, it had 7 discs and we took out time getting passed disc 1 and 2... The show isn't all about aliens and government conspiracy though, the 2 FBI agents investigate other abnormal incidents including so-called vampires, computers with a mind of their own, death signalling electronic equipment and garbage monsters to name but a few! Sounds like your cup of tea? Then watch it NOW for heavens sake!!!

You may have noticed the X Files poster in the back of my photos. It's attached to my bedroom door and my brilliant man bought it for me when I started my masters, what a dear =)

A detail I find rather hilarious in the show is how ridiculous Skully's (Gillian Anderson) hair is, it changes throughout each series and becomes thankfully more chic as the show progresses into the 21st century.

Another great fact about the show are the 3 on-off characters called the Lone Gunmen who had their own spin-off show, they are geeks to the extreme and completely hilarious!!!

Mulder AKA David Duchovny is hot!

Whilst goggling X Files picture I came across this gem of a magazine cover... AMAZE!

That interview must have been steamy to warrant a front cover that explicit and if you look closely on the right hand side you can see Green Day are mentioned. This came out in 1995, the X Files were on series 2 and Green Day had released their best selling album Dookie the previous year. In my opinion this was probably the best magazine edition EVER to include my top 2 obsessions!!!!!

The first X Files movie is great, the second is little more, shall I say 'interesting'... but it did confirm a few things about Mulder and Skully!!!!

Do you have any guilty secret shows? I wouldn't say X Files is my guilty secret though because I love it and am not afraid to admit it!!!

Anyway I'm off to watch series 2 out of 10, laterz x

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  1. i am completely with you on the x files! i gave up about 6months of my life last year revisiting them all :p


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