Tuesday 8 June 2010

Ahoy There

So I mentioned in my very first post how much I like nautical, I have so many breton tops its unreal and quite a few anchor accessories as well. Today's outfit is pretty similar from the first apart from the addition of my new lace jacket and a different tee although you can hardly tell the difference (this one had gold buttons on the shoulders). Next time I do nautical I promise to make it more different, maybe a skirt or a dress and some different colours =)

Lace jacket from H&M
Tee and trousers from Topshop
Pumps from Office

The jacket is cute, it's a cropped biker style but the lacey fabric juxtaposes the hard design. Most importantly... no sailor outfit is complete without an anchor and a flash of red!

The lipstick is from Mac and the anchor necklace is made by a friend in Derby. She also made me a cherry bomb necklace and loads of cute little earring studs =)

I wear a lot of little bows in my hair but you can't really see the detail on my pictures so I decided to take a picture of all the bow hair clips I own. You can buy these cheap from almost any clothes shop in particular kids stores and as you can tell I can't get enough of them. I love having something in my hair whether it be a clip, a band or a hat. It's the simple things that make me happy!!

I also took a picture of my stack of hair bands which I keep piled up on my printer as there isn't really a good place to put them (my room and shelves are pretty full with all kinds of rubbish)...

You've already seen me wear a pile of these but I'll continue to take snaps as long as I love the bows. Plus my collection will continue to grow because I am constantly on the lookout for more x


  1. Love the bows. Check out my blog!!!


  2. amazing lace jacket!! xx

  3. @Sophy - I don't speak French I'm afraid but I do like the Marc Jacobs bow pictures =)

    @Sarah - Thanks, I got it the other day from H&M it was £30 and completely worth it!!


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