Monday 7 June 2010

Socks and Sandals

Last week I wrote about winning a pair of Pierre Hardy for Gap wedges on eBay and today the arrived =)

The second I got in I unwrapped the box and tried them on. This was probably my most exciting eBay buy ever (excluding Green Day tickets) and I was not disappointed, the shoes fit perfectly and are extremely comfy. The platform gives me great height without hurting and being dangerous to walk in (unlike my Topshop suede wedges) and the colour tone means they will probably go with most outfits.

I've been trying them on with loads of different socks...

As you can see ANY colour socks will go, this makes me very happy because I LOVE socks and have a boxful under the bed. I especially like the white frilly socks but the colour popping ones a great too. Note to self - buy more socks in bright colours!!!

In the end I decided to go with the possibly demode patterned socks because I wont be told which socks to wear or not with sandals!!!!

Blouse from River Island
Skirt and socks from Topshop
Bag from Primark
Pierre Hardy for Gap wedges

I think this is a pretty cute outfit going on but I could easily wear the wedges with trousers and a funny looking tee. The bag is from my unsuccessful Primark trip with T this weekend, I saw it on the window mannequin but there were none left in store so I stole it from the window display when no one was looking (and paid £2.50). I have the big version from Topshop last year. The skirt was another successful buy from eBay a few years back and cost only a few quid when the price was £50(ish) in stores.

I bought a new leather hair band bow from H&M this weekend too, another bargain =)

I like how the bow is tied in a knot, it adds a little extra detail I think.

I was meant to start my summer project in the pharmacology lab today but it's been delayed till tomorrow so I have the rest of the day to do what ever the heck I feel like... joy!!

Isn't my student bedroom carpet hideous x


  1. It's funny you say that you won your Pierre Hardy's the week before on Ebay! I was watching the shoes that you are wearing right now and I noticed that somebody had finally taken them! (They weren't my size, anyway.) What a small world!


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