Sunday 6 June 2010


Since exams finished on Thursday I've been busy with general non work related activities including a BBQ, foam party and shopping trips!

The exams really drained my inspirations but it's slowly coming back and I have my eye on some delightful stuff from ASOS!

The Irish had a BBQ on Thursday which was lovely, we had a hammock in the garden, plenty of cider and good food! Friday was the night of the infamous FOAM PARTY! It was fun, messy and dangerous...

Before and after was pretty hideous!! I just wore an old crappy River Island grey dress thingy, not the best choice in the world but at least it wasn't completely see through! I've never seen so much foam in my entire life, I nearly died at one time due to lack of oxygen / foam suffocation!!!

The rest of the weekend was a lot less messy. I went to Primark with T yesterday but didn't really find too much (we went to the crappy one in Wandsworth) but we did have ice cream in the park which was lovely =)

Today my ma and pa had a BBQ and everyone came over, babies, friends and 'grown ups' so I wore my new Meadham Kirchoff for Topshop tee.

I love the tee, but being at home I didn't really have anything decent to wear with it hence the BORINGNESS of this outfit. What bottoms do you think would look best?

I'm loving the collection for Topshop its full of gorgeous clothes made from sheer, sequins and lacey fabric, what I especially like is the contrast between hard and pretty. I love this sheer dress as well and think it would look great layered over other pieces. My tee is covered in sequin circles which are kinda itchy but look cute, it's made from chiffon but I have it layered over a black tee (which doubles up as a barrier between the itchiness and my sensitive skin)!!!

I bought a floral jacket from River Island today and I love it so more to follow soon x

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