Thursday 10 June 2010

Glittery Feet

It's pretty miserable out today with the rain and all that jazz =( Puts me in the mood for dressing in a dark sombre fashion or maybe that's due to too much paranormal activity of late?! Anyway, I wanted to wear my new shoes because being a long time wearer of flat shoes I want to join the high heel revolution but am fully aware this will take time and foot pain.

I love this denim jacket, I bough it from Uniqulo a few months back and it cost a mere £20 such a bargain for such a well made piece. It's in the biker style so differs from the usual denim jacket shape which is great because it stands out from the normal high street material.

Tee and trousers from ASOS
Pierre Hardy for Gap wedges

Check out my bow tee, isn't it fab and a nice change from my bow drenched hair bands / clips etc!! I need more bow clothes in my life and ASOS is a plenty with them at the moment, however bought an oversized floral tee instead...

My friend bought me these socks for my birthday years ago and they are covered in glitter, very disco!!

Gosh, weird looking foot angles!! When on the socks are pretty subtle but I love knowing they are covered in ridiculous sparkles, it make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside =) I think I'm getting much better at walking in heels these days and my feet didn't even hurt after a day at uni in these (I know they aren't that high but baby steps people)!!!

The boy is coming to visit me tomorrow so maybe I'll get a picture of him in a silly bow tie this weekend x

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