Friday 11 June 2010


Tonight the Boy is coming to visit =) we're going to have a fun weekend baking cupcakes, having a French meal in town, going to the castle and... watching the football (he's idea, NOT mine)!! I hope he's bought along one of his silly bow ties! Today, I bought some bow stuff from Topshop, which I'll show case next week for you.

The past week or so I've been wearing a lot of random prints, florals, Eiffel Towers and more florals and today was not exception.

Introducing stripes and florals (again you must be thinking, yes I really am NOT sick of it yet)!!

Floral Jacket from River Island
Stripy tee from H&M
Velvet leggings from eBay
Pierre Hardy for Gap wedges

I bet you're getting sick of these shoes too, I'm not cos they're dead comfy!!! Anyway, I hope you like these poses of me being a fool in front of the camera, trying to make my photos not so boring as I'm too embarrassed to take photos of myself outside where all the students might see me.

The stripy socks were a stocking present last Christmas so who knows where they are from, can you tell I love random colourful socks?!

This photo of my ASOS leather hair bow is especially for G because she thought that last one looked like my head has been decapitated.

Hopefully it'll be a nice sunny weekend so my legs can get a tan (or at least not appear so pasty) and I suppose I should hope that England win tomorrow but honestly I couldn't care less, I find football extremely dull!!!

Have you guys got any plans x

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