Sunday 13 June 2010

Busy Weekend

What a weekend, I had such a fun time with the Boy and so sad he had to leave today =(

On Friday night we had pizza and pix n mix, yummers! Then on Saturday we went shopping (I got nothing, he got a tee), went out for lunch (I had a delicious ricotta and leek tart), watched the football which really wasn't too painful (until that awful goal yadder yadder yadder) and then continued drinking cider for the rest of the night with the Guildford gang. It was really fun =) Today we made cupcakes from my new Hummingbird Bakery cookbook and they are scrumptious!!!

Yesterday I wore my new asymmetric tee, this annoyed the Boy because it took me ages to get ready... It normally doesn't take me THAT long but I had no idea how to put an outfit together with this random item.

This is what I went for in the end, kinda edgy but not over the top 'I have a tail on my tshirt' kind of way...

Asymmetric tee, cardigan and bow headband from Topshop
Lace top from Tesco
Denim shorts from American Apparel
Pierre Hardy for Gap wedges

Can you see my lacey bow headband, it's one of my new bow purchases. It's rather huge and sits out but is kind of subtle against my blonde hair.

Low and behold, the Boy bought a bow tie with him =)

The two of us are pretty geeky with are glasses.

When we were in town yesterday I saw some awesome clogs in Topshop, they aren't too high and are mega comfy, I'm very tempted to buy them at some stage this summer if they don't sell out!!

Today is was pretty hot so I decided to try out my new Topshop fringe shorts, I bought these from the internet and nearly returned them but decided they were in fact pretty darn cool!!!!!

Shorts and top from Topshop
Denim jacket from Uniqlo
Pumps from Office

I think if my top wasn't long the full effect of the fringing would be a bit on the mad side, especially because the fringe jingles around when you walk (one of the reasons I like these shorts) so a small section on view is just perfect.

I have my other new Topshop bow accessory on today in the form of a brooch. I didn't realise until I opened the packet that you can use it as a hair slide too, 241 accessory = bargain!!!

One of the yummy cupcakes we made, topped with left over pix n mix.

I almost forgot this very exciting find... I'm going to watch it tonight with a cupcake =)

Must dash now and enjoy the rest of this lovely Sunday x


  1. Pizza & pic-a-mix sounds truly amazing! Don't know if it's because I've been on a bit of a diet for a few weeks now.. but God what I wouldn't give for pizza & pic-a-mix tonight!

    I LOVE those fringed shorts - I definitely wouldn't be able to pull 'em off, but they're gorgeous! I'd be wanting to shake my booty the whole time in them babies!

  2. how come it says 'reese witherspoon presents'? is she even in it

    i had to look this up in my delicious but how i lolled at this

  3. She is the producer or something, such a cringe worthy film!!!

  4. Oh, and that website is ridiculous, I like the raccoon and the weather man one

  5. reese smitherspoon loooololol and a harpoon


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