Thursday 17 June 2010

Bits and Bobs and Bows

This week Jen from A Little Bird wanted to know what fellow bloggers wore to festivals so I sent in a picture of me from Glasto last year.

When it comes to festivals I like to keep it EASY, none of this pretty dress and accessories nonsense thank you sir! I don't understand how some girls manage to look so amazing in their floral frocks, pretty sandals and bohemian jewellery, I mean seriously how much stuff do you bring with you? Let's be honest, during a festival I spend most of my time a) drinking copious amounts of cider b) getting sweaty whilst dancing to bands c) falling in the mud d) getting sun burnt and e) all of the above therefore I like to wear crappy, easy going clothes that I don't mind getting dirty...

I like to dress up but I don't think a festival is the place (for me at least), maybe some girls are better at festival chic or maybe I'm just a silly old cow who likes to pack no more than a pair of trousers, some shorts, a few tees and a hoodie for night! I do however am all about the straw hats, funky wellies and cute bags so maybe I'm not 100% old cow!

I think some girls are obviously lucky and have some sort of gift that allows them to stay looking fresh and funky all weekend...

Anyway, I'm gutted I'm not going to Glasto this year =( I returned my ticket because I thought my dissertation supervisor wouldn't give me the time off but it turns out he would so my loss!! I am going to Leeds festival for the day to see Blink 182 so that should be super fun! I've been to Reading loads of times for the whole weekend but never Leeds so it should be a nice change. In the mean time I have Green Day on Saturday to look forward to (maybe not as fun as a weekend at Glasto but still excellent)!!!

On a different note, I received a rather exciting package in the post today... my bow tie / hair band from Lou Lou Loves You! As promised it arrived in gorgeous packaging, so pretty I almost didn't want to open it (but I did so HA)!

The bow is completely perfect as a necklace and in the hair due to its stretchy strap, I am completely in love =)

I will definitely be wearing it over the weekend and because it is so perfect I want this feathered head piece for the Grad Ball in July.

Today I an attempt to brighten up the pharmacology lab I am working I put an outfit together I normally wouldn't think off.

I love this jacket, you can probably tell I rarely take if off, you can wear it with pretty much anything and isn't too heavy for the summer... perfect!

Denim jacket from Uniqlo
Black tee from H&M
Underskirt from Topshop
Pierre Hardy for Gap wedges

I got these tights for Christmas and this is the first time I've worn them... oops! They are scattered with flowers on top of an unusual colour leopard print, pretty random but toned down with the plain tee they work.

The black tee s a fairly new purchase and the reason I like it so much is because the neck line is covered in big black gems that glisten in the sun. Prefect for jazzing up an other wise dull top. The top is a little too short to wear as a dress (even at my 5ft 5inches height) which is why I've teamed it with a lacy 'petticoat-like' skirt.

Before I go I have a question for you guys. What would you wear to a midnight Lake Party? I'm going to one tomorrow night and have no idea what to wear x


  1. super tights.... I love them :)

  2. aw I'm so happy you love your bow! xo Loulou

  3. I'm wearing it today, thank you so much =) xx

  4. Love the shoes and tights!


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