Monday 21 June 2010

An ode to Green Day and other stuff

It's been a busy few days for little old me and whilst this could normally mean work work work for once it was play play play =)

Friday was the last day of term at uni so the somewhat traditional 'unofficial lake party' was held which was great fun! We partied until 6am on Saturday, ate chips and went to bed in a state of blissful exhaustion. Crikey, that sounds like we were all on drugs doesn't it? We weren't, just cider and wine (nasty combination)!! The lucky undergraduates got to go home on Saturday and not worry about uni for an entire 3 months (or ever)... unlucky for us postgraduates because we still have dissertations to do until August/September time =(

So the lake party was a hoot despite cold feet becoming an issue at 3am! The entire night felt like a music festival without the dread of having to sleep in a tent or mission it home on numerous buses, trains etc... God I'm jealous of those going to Glasto on Wednesday!!!

Despite the party being held outside by the university lake I choose to dress up a little (but forgot to take a picture) in my Meadham Kirchoff for Topshop tee, fringed shorts, purple tights and my beloved silver sequin converse trainers.

When the night got cold I donned my floral rain coat from New Look =)

After 3 hours sleep in Guildford my Dad came to pick me up so I could continue sleeping at home in LDN before hitting Wembley to see GREEN DAY that evening! First of all OMG about lack of sleep, I slept until 5pm on Saturday and still felt rough whereupon I was made to get up by G, thank god though because once we hit the London underground on a vast mission to Wembley Stadium (with a cheeky cider) I was feeling much better and in my usual Green Day mood!

Saturday was my sixth occasion at seeing Green Day live but my seventh occasion at seeing the boys in the band play. How can this be you ask? Well, on October 31st last year G found out about a secret show Green Day's alter ego band the 'Foxboro Hot Tubs' would be playing at the Garage in North London the next day after the Green Day show at Wembley Arena earlier that night!

There was a crazy rampage to get a ticket from the Garage box office on Sunday morning but I got it after waiting around for several hours in the rain with no idea what was going on (G got her's the night before)!! Suffice to say that seeing the Hot Tubs in a 300 person venue later that night was probably the greatest night of my life so far being an uber Green Day nerd and all!!

Little H was really jealous she couldn't come to the secret gig because it was over 18s. They didn't come on till around 2am and all the boys were completely wasted, throwing beer around and nearly being sick on stage. The Hot Tubs are a completely different sound from Green Day, they are more 60s Rock n Roll but the band is really an excuse to get pissed on stage and do whatever they want (unlike Green Day who have their long time practised stage routines)!

Before the gig we were told no photography was allowed (to keep the whole act a bit of a secret I imagine) and whilst I stuck to the rule others didn't! Who knows what stage of the gig this was from but can you see the wrist with the pink band on the left hand side? Well that is me!! After seeing Green Day in venues holding 50,000+ people seeing them that night play with their other band (who have only ever played a handful of gigs) and being so close that we pretty much got to grope Billie Joe when he stage dived was perfection!

Anyway, enough about my lame ramblings about a silly old band I saw last year... Myself, Little H and G had a fab time at Wembley on Saturday, the band were perfect as usual and even though we couldn't see much due to the vast amount of people in the standing area despite being close(ish) to the barrier we still loved it!

Little H and I in our Green Day tees before we headed off =)

Billie Joe possibly singing 21 Guns. I could only take photos during the slow songs so this is a possible match...

The journey home from Wembley was even more hideous than the journey there but it was worth it =)

Sunday was Fathers Day and we celebrated by taking old Daddy out for lunch (and making him pay... haha)!! The five people in my household aren't often all together in the same place so it was nice for everyone to be together.

Little H, S, myself and pops. It's an all girls house hold my clan =)

I was way over dressed compared to everyone and the restaurant but who cares, I like to dress up and being a foot taller than everyone due to my heels was hilarious (we're a short bunch, especially Mum)!!!

Silk dress from Topshop
Lace Jacket from H&M
Pierre Hardy for Gap wedges
Lou Lou Loves You bow tie necklace

If you follow me on Twitter you would have read that earlier that morning I went on a mission all the way to Topshop on Oxford Street to buy a spikey hair band I'd seen online.

It's completely cool and amazing!! Even though I spent more time on the tube than I did in the actual store I am completely in love with this! I also bough a few items from Topshop make up which are fantastic. The pigment in the eye liners and lip sticks are so strong and very reasonably priced. I bought an eye crayon and lip stick from the main collection and another eye crayon from the SS10 collection.

I also love this lip n cheek stain, lip gloss, eye crayon and eye kohl. The glittery eye liners are similar to those by NARS which I love but compared with the £20 price tag the Topshop £6 alternatives are completely brilliant and just as good! The lip colours are very strong too and even though I'm not a fan of eye shadow (I'm a eye liner gal at heart) but I'm sure the colour is just as good. They have a massive nail varnish collection and some very cute eye lashes I would love to try out. I would definitely recommend the Topshop make up range to anyone!

Before heading to Topshop I discovered this old Hello Kitty tee I had knocking about my drawers at home for the last 5 years or so. I loved Hello Kitty back then and I still do now, but I realise at the age of 23 I can't quiet get away with what I used to so I've made the print on the tee subtle but covering it up with another top. However, there are Hello Kitty's over my bum which I LOVE!

Hello Kitty tee from H&M
Lace top, jeggings and pumps fro Topshop
Denim jacket from Uniqlo

I've witted away for far too long now so I'm off too do some work. All in all this weekend was a great success and even though Green Day probably wont be back in the UK for another 5 years I am content with the knowledge I've seen them far too much for my own good anyway =)

Wembley sold out of the tshirt I wanted so I'm keeping eyes peeled on eBay, 6 Green Day tees is clearly not enough for me x

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