Wednesday 16 June 2010

H! for Hannah

Yesterday I picked up a H! by Henry Holland tee from my local Debenhams. I originally ordered it online and sent it to the store for collection but when I got there I discovered they had their own H! department and the tee was in fact cheaper in store!!! I bought some giraffe print leggings and the difference between the 2 tees was taken off, nice =)

I love Henry Holland but being a poor student I can't afford anything from is main House of Holland range. The way he mixes prints, stripes and logo tees is so much fun whilst still looking feminine. Every seasons Holland uses the same crazy mixes of colour, textures and patterns but in a completely new formula delivery a different sense of fresh and stylish clashing looks.

Holland is definitely one of my favourite designers probably because of his randomness which is why I've found it extremely hard to edit down the photo selections for this post. But seeing as each picture is full of colour it's not easy to get bored by the different looks.

His first collection from AW07/08 was a massive hit with the famous slogan tees, including one for his BFF Agyness Deyn.

SS08 was all about body con splattered unusual animal prints against dark leather and denim in a sexy 'hooker-like' style.

AW08/09 unveiled the future of tartan and how it isn't just for the snobby uncool Scottish.

Best bow tie EVER!!!

SS09 was full of polka dots, florals and naughty cut outs.

AW09/10 was an affair of colour and stripes.

SS10 displayed sexy leather and denim cut outs surrounded by a sea of the famous house symbol from the designer.

The latest AW10/11 collection is probably one of my favourites, full of ice cream colours, whimsical swirly prints, Holland's famous strips and textures a plenty.

Wow, that's a lot of pictures... what was I originally talking about? Oh yes, the tee I bought from H! by Henry Holland. So you can see his main line is pretty random but definitely fun and care free, fortunately the Debenhams range is pretty similar but designed for a teenage audience (doesn't stop me from loving it) and the most important part, CHEAP! There are still plenty of prints, leather, denim and generally fun clothes. I've already mentioned here and there about previous H! purchases (I also have leather shorts and like the idea of a leather skirt and maybe a blazer due to the current sale) and once again I am loving this new item.

Floral tee from H! by Henry Holland
Lace Jacket from H&M
Jeggings and pumps from Topshop

Not more floral I hear you cry.... hahaha yes I love the stuff!! This tee is perfect, it's oversized so works well with leggings and is very comfy for summer days. The print is pretty loud but the grey background helps calm it down a bit, I LOVE! I'll show you the H! giraffe print leggings another day.

My shoes are really old, I haven't worn them in years but today I decided to give them a new lease of live. They have cute little bows on the front =) and the little white polka dots on the green background are rather kitch.

I also had a little cherry bomb necklace on made by the same person in Derby as the anchor one.

Henry Holland also does uber cool tights but I'll leave that for another post because this one is getting LONG!

Before I go I've just noticed that there are a lot of picture of Agyness Deyn in the House of Holland photos, I love her too! Her style and hair are always amazing; she is one hot model! Here's a photo of the BFFs, both looking fabulous in their casual threads.

Right, this took me ages to write so now it's time for a lie down, laterz x



    i met him once, his quiff was sadly bigger than mine :( i'm def going to check out the sale though! ohh fyi i'm a Surrey girl too! xxx

  2. What was he like in real life? Completely gay and hilarious I imagine! You must check out the sale, EVERYTHING from the first H! collection has at last 30% off and there is quite a lot to chose from =)

  3. the henry holland collection is pretty fabulous xxxx

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