Monday 26 December 2016

Where to have lunch in Farringdon Part 3

Exmouth Market

My quest to find great lunch spots in Farringdon is never ending. New places are constantly opening and there are so many different street food vendors I would need to forgo my ham sandwiches completely if I wanted a chance to visit them all. For the sake of my wallet I'm still sticking to 1, maybe 2 lunches out a week. But I'm a sucker for the familiar and end up visiting my favourites over and over. But this is a good thing.

Crispy pork rice bowls from Leather Lane

There's a stall on Leather Lane, near Pieminister, that serves up the most incredible crispy pork rice bowls. I guess it's Vietnamese style food, vaguely speaking. Anyway, the bowls are simple but utterly delicious. Sushi style rich, sautéed green veg, grilled pork with crispy skin, and however much hot sauce you can handle. These are comforting and absolutely delicious. I don't know what the stall is called but it's easy enough to find, look for the big queue and you will not be disappointed.


Dapur is a little cafe restaurant situated near Holburn but it's Malaysian style curries are so delicious I couldn't not mention it on this list. They serve a few different options every lunch time and be assured that the curries are hot and packed full of flavour. It's not too often I come across a Malaysian restaurant so it's great to know I can visit at lunch time.

Berber and Q Shawarma Bar

I've become obsessed with Berber and Q Shawarma Bar ever since it opened on Exmouth Market earlier in the year. I've not even made it to the original branch but I don't even care because I love this newcomer so much. The menu has a ton of different options including several meze options and various meats which you can have in rice bowls, in pittas, or on their own. I love the labneh, smoked aubergine and lentil meze plates but for something a bit more substantial, the rice bowls are absolutely wonderful. All the rice bowls come with mejaderah, fried onions and tahina but it's the sumac smoked brisket with red cabbage that steal the show for me. So tasty!


Paesan is a lovely little Italian restaurant on the corner of Exmouth Market. The restaurant does a great set lunch menu, but it's the pasta stall outside that really keep me returning. Serving a different pasta option 5 days a week, the mac n cheese with panchetta that's served on a Friday is my absolute favourite. Creamy and generously sized, this is the comfort meal of all comfort meals.

Necco Japanese Cafe Bar

Necco is a lovely little cafe on Exmouth Market that does great value Japanese food. From sushi to katsu curry this cafe serves all your favourite Japanese options. I picked up this sushi rice bowl for £6.80 which is an amazing deal. That 10 slices of sashami and lots of delicious sushi rice, an absolute bargain. 


I do love Polpo and whilst I've never actually popped in at lunch time, I've been for dinner enough times to know that the small plates menu means this is a very accommodating lunch time options. I love the mini pizzas, the cechti (arancini and crostini especially), the spicy pork and fennel meatballs, and most things from the meat section. Polpo has a big list of unique salads so it's a great option for veggies too. Service is generally quick so if you're after something a little more special at lunch time then it's really worth a visit.

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