Sunday 23 October 2016

Where to have lunch in Farringdon Part 2

Exmouth Market

I really enjoyed making my where to eat in Farringdon guide and because there's just so many lunch options to choose from I thought it was about time to make a second instalment.


I've only been to KIN once but I've been meaning to return ever since because the Pan-Asian inspired street food is really delicious. With dishes spanning Chinese, Indian, Thai, and more there's definitely something to suit everyone. I loved the red vegetable curry which had a great amount of heat without blowing your face off. If you're in a rush check out the stall outside. KIN is found on Leather Lane and always looks busy so make sure you turn up early to grab a table.

Good and Proper Tea

Relatively new, Good and Proper Tea on Leather Lane is one of my go to lunch options. The crumpets are absolutely delicious and whilst they don't look that big they're still filling. I love the cheese and ham crumpet but there's a few to choose from including sweet toppings like Nutella. They also sell loads of handmade pastries and cakes, the chocolate brownie is particulars tasty. I'm not a big tea drinker but the selection to try here to massive. I've been working my way through the herbal varieties and love collection the little cards with tea descriptions.


There's quite a few Japanese places around Farringdon but if you're looking for some excellent quality raw fish then Tajima-Tei is the place to try. The day I visited it was frequented by Japanese business men which must be a good sign! It's definitely more of a sit down restaurant but you can get sushi boxes to take away which is what I did. It's certainly not a budget option. The above box cost me nearly £20 but the quality and freshness of the food was noticeably good. Sometimes I think sushi isn't particularly filling but I ended up struggling to finish this in one go as there were so much to eat.

Ibérica Farringdon

A few months ago myself and 2 colleagues when to Iberica Farringdon to try the £15 set lunch. I was absolutely astounded by the amount of food we were given, plus everything tasted amazing as well. There are three courses and you can choose one item from each. Of course I went for the croquetas which were heavenly. Then pork sliders were incredibly tasty as well.

Cielo Blanco

I visited Cielo Blanco with work during the soft launch. Whilst there was a bit of a mess up with our order causing it to arrive incredibly late I did enjoy the food. We opted for sharing platters which was a nice way to sample lots of different items but next time I visit I definitely want to try some tacos and the like.

Grill My Cheese

Grill My Cheese really do the best cheese toasties in London. A few weeks ago they did a limited rainbow toastie which looked a bit gross but tasted really great thanks to the use of natural colouring like beetroot. The toasties are simple but simple is definitely king in this situation.

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  1. Those sushi do not help curb my craving for Japanese food, Hannah! But hey, if you ever need someone to try those tacos with, you know where to find me! ; )

    - Elodie x

    1. That sushi looks so good! I miss working near this area - the array of Prets and Eats in the city just isn't the same! x


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