Wednesday 14 December 2016

BRUNCH REVIEW: Pedler Peckham

Have you seen Fantastic Beasts yet? I loved it so much that I went to see it twice in one week, both times at the Peckhamplex because you really cannot beat £4.99 cinema tickets. I was accompanied by Sarah on my second visit, who was also re-visiting the film (we are huge Harry Potter nerds), so we decided to make a little excursion of our Saturday afternoon and visit somewhere for a late brunch.

Here's a nice picture of Sarah in case you've never met her before. She's great! Our film started at 11:30am (early I am well aware) so I grabbed an avocado wrap to eat during the trailers from Baba which is around the corner from Peckham Rye station, it was super tasty.

I'd been wanting to visit Pedler for a really long time having enjoyed a nice drink in the restaurant during the summer but for whatever reasons I am not in Peckham that often. Finally a chance to get my brunch on!

Sarah ordered the Pedler breakfast which looked insanely good. It came with eggs, little bird gin sausage, valley smokehouse bacon, house-made baked beans, black pud’, flat mushroom, slow roast tomato, toast & maple salted butter. I tried the black pudding which was delicious and Sarah assures me that everything else tasted lovely. Even the maple salted butter was insanely moreish.

Being insanely greedy there were a few things I wanted to try. The doughnut of the day was pumpkin but whilst the actual dough part tasted perfect the pumpkin filling didn't really do much for me. The Welsh rarebit was the best cheese on toast (actually it was rye bread) that I've ever had, incredibly creamy and rich, I cannot stop thinking about this. The shakshuka (baked eggs, parsley, lemon, chilli oil, toast) was nice but quite frankly I've had better. The eggs weren't as runny as I'd have liked so compared to The Good Egg or The Palomar I probably wouldn't bother ordering this again, instead opting for one of the other amazing sounding options.

Despite not loving my baked eggs I really did enjoy brunch here and would be keen to return again soon. The restaurant has a beautiful Parisian brasserie vibe with it's marble table tops and wooden chairs. It's a terrific all-day neighbourhood restaurant and if you live nearby you're incredible lucky.

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  1. I keep reading reviews of places in Peckham but I literally never go there. I must make a list and hit up a couple in one day, I think!
    Charlie, Distracted


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