Monday 20 June 2016

RESTAURANT REVIEW: Tombo, Pokē & Matcha Bar

Tombo: Pokē & Matcha Bar opened in Soho a couple of weeks ago and I managed to visit during the soft launch to snag myself 50% off. Tombo specialises in pokē, raw fish salad from Hawaii and matcha based drinks and desserts. I love pokē, I've had it a couple of times from the street food vendor Eat Poke London plus I absolutely adore sushi and most forms of raw fish.

I don't actually like matcha despite my best efforts to try an assortment of green tea inspired food items so I can't really report back on the drinks served at Tombo. However, Steve did get a matcha, apple and ginger smoothie which had a lovely punchy taste. I had a nice, floral tea called sukura which I recommend if you're a green tea avoider as well.

The pokē comes in small and large sizes. We ordered four different pokē versions all in the small size which I found to be quite generous. You have the choice of rice or courgette spaghetti as the base, I love sushi rice so the choice was an easy one for me.

Salmon Avo Lux - salmon, wasabi soy, avocado, edamame, salmon cavair, nori

The raw salmon tasted really fresh and I enjoyed the popping sensation of the salmon cavair. The wasabi soy comes in a little pot on the side, it's really delicious and give the dish a subtle amount of heat.

Classic Tuna Avo - tuna, classic sauce, avocado, white onion, tempura crumbs, nori

The avocado and super fresh, raw tuna is an excellent combination. I loved the crunch from the tempura crumbs and the soy based sauce adds a nice flavour to the dish.

Classic salmon pokē - salmon, classic sauce, edamame, white onion, sesame seeds, nori

 The classic pokē was probably my second most favourite dish. I love raw salmon and combined with the edamame this dish had a great variety of textures and flavours.

Spicy Mayo Prawn - prawns sirracha mayo, edamame, crispy shallots, shichimi chilli

I knew the spicy mayo prawn was probably going to be my favourite. Anything that's covered in a sirracha based sauce is going to taste good. The prawns are quite chunky, making this dish super filling. Next time I go back to Tombo I'll definitely be ordering the large version of this.

There's a selection of Japanese themed matcha sweets such as mochi, dorayaki pancakes and biscuits. I think there are a few non matcha based sweets but the majority of options are green.

Tombo is a tiny little restaurant that resembles a cute tea shop above anything else. The selection of pokē is small but don't let the simple ingredients fool you. The end result is delicious, filling, raw fish based salads that are sold at excellent value. If you work in Soho then I can see this place becoming a firm lunch time favourite. If you need a quick, satisfying dinner on the go then this is a great option for that as well. Tombo will soon be doing a mix n match pokē option so you can choose to make your own.

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  1. So gutted that I missed the soft launch but this place looks so good that it's on my list regardless! x

  2. This looks absolutely delicious! I need to go and order all the poke. Like, really. I can't choose.

    - Elodie x

  3. This place looks amazing. I can very much see it superseding my old favourite Itsu when I return to London!

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