Saturday 18 June 2016

RESTAURANT REVIEW: Chick 'n Sours x Hoppers

Blueberry and cardamom sour / Sri Lankan punch 

After a delicious meal at Chick 'n Sours in East London I was keen to revisit for more of their incredible fried chicken. When I heard they were doing a one day pop-up with Soho favourite Hoppers I knew this was a good enough reason to return. I'd been to Hoppers a couple of times before and really enjoyed their Sri Lankan cooking so I was intrigued to see how they'd combine their flavours with fried chicken. Chick 'n Sours already have a lot of Asian influence in their cooking so I guess it was a match made in heaven already.

We started our meal with the vodka based sour and rum based punch. Chick 'n Sours always delivery when it comes to cocktails and these were no exceptions. The vodka sour was amazing, with a punchy and delicious taste. The punch was a bit too rum heavy for me but Steve absolutely loved it.

Hoppers Wings - Devilled wings, pickled red chilli

First up was a plate of chicken wings. Cooked perfectly, the chicken was deliciously succulent on the inside with a satisfying crunch. Unlike the hot disco wings, these weren't actually that spicy but what they lacked in heat they sure did make up for in taste. Incredibly flavoursome, the dressing on these wings with sweet, slightly sticky and packed full of deep, earthy flavours.

Guest fry - Curry laksa, kemiri nuts, laksa leaves and crispy shallots

The guest fry was my favourite item from the menu. The fried chicken was perfect and the sweet, curry sauce made this dish stand out compared to everything else. It reminded me of a Thai curry thanks to the fragrant flavours. I wish I could eat this all over again.

Hoppers bun - Fried thigh, gotukola sambol, tamarind and ginger chutney, pickled jalapeño mayo

The Hoppers bun reminded me of the burger we'd had on our previous visit. It was delicious with definite Asian inspired flavours. Sri Lankan food definitely had a different taste from the likes of Thailand and India. The flavours aren't as fresh and lemongrass based as Thai but they're lighter than what you'd expect from Indian food. The burger definitely reminded me of the food I've eaten in Hoppers, I found it incredibly tasty.

I've been to Chick 'n Sours twice in the space of a month now and I'm honestly gutted that I don't live closer. The fried chicken is excellent, the best I've had and the Asian inspired combinations are innovative and exciting. I'm looking forward to all my future visits.

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