Wednesday 11 May 2016


£5 cocktails - small but potent

Sunday lunch at Blacklock a few weeks ago was quite a spectacular feast as you can probably tell from the picture above. When it comes to a roast they offer 4 options; roast beef, roast lamb, roast pork, or a little bit of everything (all in). We went for the fourth option, obviously.

All in is £20 per person and you literally get a bit of everything. Three of us shared this huge plate which included enough beef, pork and lamb for everyone, three huge Yorkshire puddings, plenty of roast potatoes and vegetables, and of course lots of gravy (on the side). Everything was wonderful, the beef was perfectly rare and most definitely my favourite of the three meats. The Yorkshire puddings were fluffy and the roast potatoes couldn't have been more perfect. The apple sauce was one of the tastiest things I've every tried; smooth, sweet and almost jelly like.

Roots and gremolata

Cauliflower cheese

Peas and horseradish

We ordered all the sides, of course! The cauliflower cheese was rich, creamy and absolutely indulgent. I loved the peas because I'm a huge fan of horseradish, they weren't too overwhelmingly hot but had a nice kick. I wasn't too keen on the roots and gremolata as I'm not a huge fan of overly herby dishes.

When it comes to desert simple if kings at Blacklock. In this case it's a huge tray of American style white chocolate cheese cake and seasonal fruit (rhubarb on this occasion) on the side. The cheese cake was divine, from the crumbly biscuit base to the whipped cheese and chocolate filling. This was the perfect way to finish an overly meaty lunch.

I really enjoyed Blacklock but I'm glad I went as a group because the sides would probably have been too much for just two people. £20 might sound like a lot for a roast but the amount of food you get is generous plus I don't think there are many places that offer the chance to sample different meats. I'm super keen to go return for their standard chops menu now.

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  1. Amazing chops, service and cocktails! No booking but get there early and you will be able to get a table. Due to the limited menu the service is quick and friendly. Perfect for a pre-theatre dinner outing. The All in gives a great mix of chops and the bread soaked in juices is to die for. Delicious! Definitely worth a visit!

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