Monday 9 May 2016


Octopus tacos

Chicken wings

Sukiyaki style wagyu picanha

Monkfish cheeks


Imo fries

Kinako French toast and soft serve ice cream

I don't know how I've failed to blog about Shackfuyu, the latest (but not new) Asian meets American spin off from the Bone Daddies crew. These pictures aren't even from my most recent visit but I've been returning time and time again to eat this wonderful fusion of East meets West 'dirty' food so I might as well blog about it.

I love Shackfuyu, the restaurant has a great vibe, similar to Bone Daddies and Flesh n Buns with it's laid back but still kind of refined style. There's great music on the sound system and the waiters look effortlessly cool. I think I've had most dishes on the menu now (even if I don't have a picture of them all) and it's safe to say there are a fair few stand out choices. This is a sharing plates type place but because the menu is split into small and large plates you probably could do a starter, main course type meal but you'll be missing out on a ton of great items if you do.

The chicken wings are some of the best I've had in London. They're sticky, sweet, hot and everything you could possibly want from Korean style wings. The same are served at Bone Daddies and Flesh n Buns but I still struggle to not order this dish. The aubergine is divine and whilst it has a similar vibe to the wings (sticky and sweet but not spicy) it's definitely next level aubergine tasting. Not pictured here but the prawn toast masquerading as okonomiyaki is excellent. I didn't think I'd enjoy this as I'm not overly fond of mayonnaise but combined with the prawns this was incredibly indulgent and most definitely delicious. The tenderstem broccoli may sound dull but it really is tasty when served with the Asian inspired dressing - I think this is another dish available in the sister restaurants.

I wasn't a huge fan of the octopus tacos, I think the tomato based sauce obscures the taste and imo fries aren't that exciting either so I would personally give these a miss.

The larger plates really are wonderful. The wagyu picanha is glorious, cooked rare with a slightly sticky glaze the beef was heavenly and by far one of my favourites. The USDA short rib is another dish not to be missed. You are given lettuce leaves and an assortment of pickles to create little parcels for the beef which is melt in the mouth delicious.

The monkfish cheeks, pork pluma and hot stone rice didn't wow me, but they were still enjoyable.

There's only one dessert option and that's the kinako French toast and soft serve matcha ice cream, one of the most famous desserts in London at this stage. Whilst I do enjoy it I don't love it, probably because I'm not a fan of green tea. Combined with the sweet bread the ice cream lacks green tea's bitter edge but once the toast is gone and the last bit of the ice cream remains I ended up leaving it. I love the toast part but I find green tea too bitter.

I love Shackfuyu and whilst I don't love every dish on the menu there are plenty of options that keep me visiting time and time again. I've been with just Steve and with groups of friends and whilst the concept is fairly unique to the London food scene I definitely think there's something on the menu for everyone to enjoy.

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  1. Sooo this is another one to add to my list for my theoretical trip to London. Shame about the tacos. I think tacos should have a sharp and clean taste.

  2. I went for just the dessert and I liked it but I didn't love it - maybe too much hype although it does look pretty on Instagram! x


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