Wednesday 17 June 2015

RESTAURANT REVIEW: Ox and Finch, Glasgow

I was excited to try Ox and Finch long before my trip to Glasgow. I love a small plates restaurant, especially one using seasonal produce amongst a simple, laid back menu so when I read about this a little while ago I knew I had to book myself a table. We spent the morning at Kelvingrove and the University so the restaurant was situated perfectly for lunch. The West End in Glasgow is really up and coming in terms of restaurants, there's so many great places to eat and Ox and Finch was full to the brim, a good sign.

The menu is split into a few different sections so it's best to order a range of different plates. Because it was lunch we decided to stick vegetables and only go for one meaty dish. Five plates was definitely a good choice for two hungry people.

The mozzarella, nectarine and prosciutto was wonderful. The cheese was creamy, the fruit was tangy and the ham melted in the mouth. The combined flavours made for a wonderfully fresh and sweet dish, absolutely delicious.

The pea, broad bean, courgette and lemon orzo was really interesting as I've never had orzu before. It's sort of like a cross between rice and pasta, really tasty and soaks up flavour well. This was a really fresh dish and a great alternative to a side salad if you're after something a little more filling.

Charred asapargus with bacon and egg - a common dish at the moment as asparagus is in season but still a dish I love to order. The asparagus was chunky, woody and cooked perfectly, the egg was soft and flavoursome and the crispy bacon added a perfect salty edge to the dish.

Quite possibly the best chips I've had in recent memory. Crispy and chunky with a soft, cloud like interior. Perfection. And if this dish couldn't get any better the garlic aioli was so good we had to ask for more.

The roasted pork belly was probably my least favourite of the five but it still packed a lot of flavour from the rich tomatoes and and Asian dressing. The pork wasn't as succulent as I'd like but this was still an enjoyable, meaty plate.

We didn't order any desserts but I sure do like the sound of the parfait. Next time!

Excellent food and excellent value (our bill was about £30), Ox and Finch really is a treasure to the Glasgow dinning scene. For me it's the sort of place that's perfect for lunch with friends, you can share a bottle of wine and nibble through a variety of plates. The atmosphere is relaxed and the waiters are friendly and helpful. This restaurant definitely wouldn't be out of place in London and next time I'm in Glasgow I will be visiting again, 100%.

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  1. Now you've made me feel even hungrier Hannah!
    Story Of A Girl

  2. This food looks delicious. I love small plates too!


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