Friday 12 June 2015

FIVE FRIDAY: Dry Skin Saviours

Another Friday and another five things to talk about, this time the topic is beauty. To be more specific it's dry skin saviours i.e. my favourite thing to buy. I suffer from seriously dry skin, especially on my face. It's a little sensitive and burns easily but my biggest concern is flakiness so I am constantly on the look out for heavy duty moisturisers. I'm confident that I've now found a few products that I'll stick with for a long time to come.

I picked this up on a whim from Topshop in Oxford Circus as I was intrigued by the Japanese brand. This wasn't cheap, I can't remember the exact price but it was definitely not under a tenner so I took a risk and fortunately it paid off because this cream is brilliant. When I first tried it on my lips and around my mouth (where I am very dry) I noticed a slight tingling sensation which worried me as this does not bode well for sensitive skin but this only lasted a few seconds and didn't cause any sort of irritation. The cream is thick but sinks into the skin well, it's very nourishing and lasts for a long time. It's the sort of cream I like to apply to problem areas and leave overnight to sink in. I think it would be too heavy to use a facial moisturiser which is why it works so well on targeted areas.

2. Skin Recovery Cream by Avene

This is my second tube so it must be good plus you can find it easily in boots. I use this as an all over facial moisturiser when my skin is feeling particularly dry, it's nourishing but not thick enough to leave my face feeling greasy. It has a nice soothing effect so works well when I'm feeling a little sun burnt. It comes in a fairly compact tube which is handy for travelling and taking through airport security. I always make sure I have an emergency moisturiser on me as I'm constantly breaking out in dry skin moments and this stuff is perfect as the bottle is quite heavy duty.

I picked this up in City Pharma on my most recent trip to Paris, I was on the look out for a heavy duty moisturiser (as usual) and because I'm a fan of the SOS serum I was intrigued to see how this would fare. I love this treatment, similar to the Yu-Be I use this on problem areas rather than all over my face as it isn't super light. The cream is extremely nourishing whilst not being too thick which is one of the reasons I love it so much. This is my go to skin saviour as it's the perfect thickness for providing immediate skin relief whilst sinking in quickly. I don't think I could live without it.

As you can see from the name on this tube this isn't actually the lait creme concentrate. I bought this in Paris thinking it was because I've used this many, many times before and I love it dearly but the packing it so similar that I must have panicked in City Pharma and not realised it was something else. This is my go to standard facial moisturiser. It provides really great hydration, sinks in quickly and leaves your skin feeling super soft. It's such a simple, no thrills product which is the reason I love it so much. I must be on my fourth tube of the stuff and will continue to use it for years to come. Another product I could not live without.

Another Paris buy which is good because this isn't the cheapest of products. I use this primarily as a lip treatment as it's a very thick cold cream type balm so definitely isn't appropriate as an all over facial moisturiser. Considering the thickness it sinks into the lips quickly and provides an excellent moisture barrier. Sometimes the lids comes off in my bag but so far there hasn't been any messy accidents. I imagine this would work well as an overnight moisture mask as it is very intense and out of all the five products mentioned here it's probably the most effective in terms of treating a problem area. I only use a little at a time so I think this product is going to last a while which suit me perfectly as I'm a huge fan.

I hope you've found this little round up helpful and if you have any dry skin super products please let me know as they're my favourite things to try out. Now that the summer is in full swing I'll be adding SPF to my face as well as none of these product provide protection again the sun and if you're fair like me you'll now how important it is to stay protected. I know everyone says it but drinking as much water as possibly definitely makes a different to your skin, as does washing it daily with a gentle scrub and flannel. I've really stepped back on my skin care in the last year as I honestly believe that overloading it with products is not a good idea. Less is more just make sure those few things you do use are doing their job properly.

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  1. I love the Lait-Creme Concentrate - bought a tube in Paris and its already half gone! I love Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream and Lush do a great balm which I unhelpfully can't remember the name of! x

  2. I love the Lair Crème Concentré! Another one of my dry skin saviour is the Avène Cold Cream - it is the best!

    - Elodie x

  3. I have pretty dry, sensitive skin so am always on the lookout for tried and tested products, I will definitely be purchasing some, if not all, of these!

    Maria xxx


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