Thursday 2 April 2015


So it feels a little pointless to be talking about a place that has shut down but the Porridge Cafe should be making an appearance again this month so it's not like it's gone forever. On our way to the record fair at Spitalfields last weekend, Steve and myself popped into the porridge pop up for a late brunch. I don't actaully like porridge but my friend Steph told me they did risotto at lunch time so I wanted to check the place out.

They didn't actually have risotto on the Saturday menu but they did have barley cooked in chicken stock with bacon, eggs and maple syrup which tasted amazing! I'm a big fan of sweet and savoury dishes (hello duck and waffle) so this was perfect!

Steve went for the more classic porridge with blueberries and banana which he said was lovely. I tried it but it didn't convert me to a porridge lover, sorry.

The porridge cafe is a cute little pop up and I'll definitely visit for lunch again once it finds a new location. The menu changes daily and has a lot of sweet and savoury options so it really does provide for everyone, The prices are reasonably too so if you're a fan of oats make sure you look out for it next time.

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  1. I love porridge so this is high on my list - hope it finds a new location soon! x


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